Tunes From ITunes_11.5.10

So my favorite month has come and gone. October blew by and I barely got a chance to enjoy it. But now we’re moving into the winter months. The cold will blow through here with some snow and sleet and what do we have time to do? Download new music of course! So if you got a few extra dollars and are looking for something new…here are some tunes to kickstart your winter months. Not gonna lie…my kids played an influence over today’s downloads sooooo…ya get what ya pay for…

Rihanna (feat Drake) – “What’s My Name” (pop)
Everyone is waiting for the new Rihanna album to drop and she keeps releasing singles to prep ya for it. But I got this track and it’s pretty damn good pop! Kind of looking forward to the rest of the album…which is supposed to drop in a couple of weeks.

Al Green – “Here I Am” (classic R&B)
Remade by everyone from rock to reggae bands, this soulful classic reminds me why I love music to begin with and no one is as smooth as Al. Plus he’s got a cool first name…

T.I. (feat Chris Brown) – “Get Back Up” (R&B)
T.I. has impressed me with his new stuff and this track is killer! Not as good as “Ya Hear Me” (which is one of my favorite tracks this year), but it’s still got a good flow and adding Brown’s vocals is a smooth move!

Sean Kingston & Justin Beiber – “Eenie Meenie” (pop)
My daughter likes this song. And that’s all I got.

Mike Posner – “Please Don’t Go” (pop)
Admittedly Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” has worn out its welcome on pop radio right now. It’s been played out. But this new track is as cool as that one and will probably be just as big! Also…check out the video. The dude is wearing an Ohio University t-shirt in it! And THAT is worth a purchase in MY book!

Monster Magnet – “Dig That Hole” (rock)
I wanted to like this track more than I do. With a brooding guitar that sets the tone, it turns generic pretty quick. Which is too bad…

Finger Eleven – “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me” (rock)
Every cell in my body screams to NOT like this band, but damn if this isn’t a good pop rock track! I can’t…stop…singing…GAH!!!!

Fran Healy (feat Neko Case) – “Sing Me To Sleep” (pop)
Slow and simple, the vocals are haunting and Case’s appearance adds to the ambiance. I really like this track and seeing as how it’s free this week on ITunes…you should too! Go get it!

Tim Armstrong – “Into Action” (pop reggae)
Believe it or not, Stephen King recommended this song to me via Entertainment Weekly. It IS addictive and ranks up there with Michael Franti & Spearheads “Say Hey” as the most likely song to drive you insane once it gets stuck in your head.

Alicia Keys – “Unthinkable” (R&B)
Damn this woman is sexy and when I heard she had a baby boy I had to go download something to celebrate. Might as well go with this slow jam. Quite possibly her best song ever? You check it out and let me know what you think!

Marquis Houston (feat Rick Ross) – “Pulling On Her Hair” (R&B)
Oh so naughty and catchy as hell, this ranks up there as one of the best fetish songs I’ve heard in a while…lol

Good Charlotte – “Right Where I Belong” (rock)
Good Charlotte channels Angels & Airwaves and puts together a classic arena rock anthem. Joel Madden and band rock it on this single which is a step above anything else on their latest, “Cardiology.”

Escape The Fate – “Escape The Fate”
So I was checking out this album and it sounds like extremely generic pop rock in the same vein as Finger Eleven even though they apparently are a goth rock band. But what really caught my eye was the cover art. Remember THIS classic Queen album?

Well…Escape The Fate TOTALLY ripped it off with THIS…

C’mon now…seriously? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Freddie Mercury would STOMP all over this hack band…


My Top 10 Favorite Piano Songs

10. Brad – “The Day Brings”
A relatively unknown band out of Seattle with an amazing song. If you’ve never heard of them, go check it out! This track was released back in 1997 and is one of my all-time favorites.

9. Greg Laswell – “How The Day Sounds”
One of my favorite songs from last 2008! This simple little tune brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

8. John Lennon – “Imagine”
So simple and it says so much.

7. Tori Amos – “Tear In Your Hand”
I’ve always thought Tori was underrated as an artist and this is my favorite song by her. Very deep song and quite personal.

6. Kate Bush – “This Woman’s Work”
So sad and pretty. Makes me wanna cry it’s so damn good.

5. Ben Folds Five – “Song For The Dumped”
Ever had your heart ripped out and stomped on and you just wanted revenge? Well…this is the song to play JUST before you go and use the key on the car.

4. Billy Joel – “She’s Always A Woman”
Possibly the greatest love song ever? You decide. But this is Joel’s ode to his woman that makes EVERY woman want to hang with an average joe like Joel.

3. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
This classic rock staple will always remind me of Wayne’s World, even if it is one of the greatest opera/rock songs ever (with the exception of Meatloaf, I don’t really know any others!).

2. Elton John – “Love Lies Bleeding/Funeral For A Friend”
For the intro alone, this song belongs high on this list. Elton takes it up on side and down the other. And then he rips into one of his greatest songs EVER.

1. Jerry Lee Lewis – “Great Balls Of Fire”
It’s been well documented that Jerry SHOULD have been the King Of Rock N Roll. Except for some guy named Elvis. Either way, Elvis ain’t making this list. Nobody can pound the ivories like Jerry can! And as cool as it is to see Billy Joel & Elton John on stage, face-to-face, I’d take Lewis setting his piano on fire ANYDAY!

You might be asking yourself…”Where’s Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’?” Well…if I ever do a Top 10 greatest HARMONICA solos I would probably put that song in here. But really…if you listen to it…the piano in “Piano Man” is very subdued. It’s really more of a great lyric song…not so much a great piano song. Just sayin’…