At What Age Do You Stop Shakin’ Dat Booty?


Seems like a LOT of pop music today is concerned with one thang…and that’s how you shake dat ass. Now…I’m 45 years old AND a dude so…if I go shakin’ MY booty, there’s gonna be a lot of broken parts to pick up. But there are quite a few artists that are singing about your derriere and how it should move and I understand that in order to dance you have to kinda know how to move your body but there sure is enough of it to go around these days. For example…Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” I wouldn’t call this a Minaj song because, quite frankly, it’s not. Sure…she adds her rap in it, but for the most part, it’s Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” from 1992. It’s not the song that concerns me but the video that goes with it. It’s mostly a bunch of scantily clad women and Nicki herself, shaking what they got in the jungle to that famous Sir Mix-A-Lot background music. Now…from an artist like Nicki Minaj, I get it. She has shot to the top of the pop charts being outrageous and has used her ample bottom to create quite a stir on the internet over whether or not it’s a real butt or a fake one. For the record, I don’t really care. I’m not a Minaj fan nor do I follow her on the Twitter, however she’s hard to miss with her fake Barbi doll makeup and day-glo outfits.

Nicki Minaj

What I AM concerned about and why I’m even writing about this topic is because of the OTHER booty shakin’ song that has hit the world wide web by one of the more famous and popular artists in the world, Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is a 44 year old pop culture phenomenon. She is an American actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, singer, and songwriter. She has taken her place among the upper echelon of superstars in American & Latino cultures. She’s a judge on one of the biggest television shows in the past 15 years. She’s had countless hit singles, made plenty of entertaining movies (except for “Gigli,” which is commonly placed as one of the worst films in movie history) and has been credited with breaking racial barriers in the entertainment industry. She is on top of the world…and then she goes and releases her new single, “Booty.”

Actually…it’s not even the song that I find disturbing. The song, by itself, isn’t a great song, but I can see how it might be popular in dance clubs and why she would choose to include it on her latest album, “A.K.A.” Originally the song was with rap artist, Pitbull, but for whatever reason, she had it remixed with the latest “hot” thang, Iggy Azalea, and released a soft core porn video to go with it. It’s the video I want to put up for debate here today because I’m not sure I get it. I’ve watched the video, I’ve listened to the song and now I’m wondering…why?

Why does a 44 year old woman at the top of her game, with millions of adoring fans (mostly young women, I imagine) want to make a video of herself shaking her butt in the camera while dripping wet or covered in honey? What kind of message does this send our young ladies?

Look…I’m all for making a buck. I understand that, as an artist these days, you really have to be at the forefront when it comes to promoting yourself and keeping yourself relevant. But Jennifer Lopez? Who DOESN’T know who Jennifer Lopez is? Now Iggy Azalea shaking her butt at the camera I kinda get. She’s what…22? She just hit the scene over the last 8 months or so? So I imagine the music industry EXPECTS her to make this kind of video, much like Nicki Minaj and a slew of other popular R&B/Pop artists today. Sex sells…and Hollywood and the music industry often take every opportunity they can to market the latest and greatest booty they can find. But JENNIFER LOPEZ?

C’mon J-Lo. You can be ABOVE all of this. If YOU don’t stand up and say, “This is bullshit! I don’t NEED to shake MY butt at the camera because I am J-Lo!”, then who will?

All I hear and read about these days is how women are tired of being objectified. Tired of dealing with the over-sexualization of our culture here in America. Tired of not being equal in the workplace and in their homes and among their male friends. Women NEED a strong voice. Women need someone to set an example. I’m not saying leave your sexuality at the door. That’s not what I’m talking about. Beyonce made an excellent album last winter that included some pretty sexual lyrics and then she included videos to go with the songs and they were pretty racy. Admittedly I haven’t watched all of them but the couple I DID see I found myself blushing a little bit and wondering…why does she feel the need to put herself out there like that? In music, one can use their imaginations. But once a video is included, it kind of takes away that sexual edge. Then it just becomes an artist exposing themselves for the sake of making money. Jennifer Lopez has done exactly that with this new single and for some reason it makes me sad. Although I’m not a big fan of J-Lo, I have always found her to be an artist that I would want my daughter to listen too and to look up too. My family enjoys American Idol and Jenny From The Block has been one of the main reasons we enjoy the show. I know she has used her beauty and her body to create a niche for herself. But at the age of 44, does she NEED to be making videos like this one anymore?

I’m leaving this open to debate. I am NOT a religious fanatic. I am not condemning her to hell for it. I’m just curious…why? I hope this will open up some interesting discussion and not a bunch of hate-spewing angst but that always seems to go along with this type of post so…

What do YOU say? Here’s the video (conveniently attached to an American Idol promo). Just an FYI…it’s not safe for work. There’s no nudity but there IS a lot of gluteus maximus being thrown at your computer screen…


Tunes From ITunes: Beating The Heat

It’s the dreaded summer swoon when it’s too hot to go outside unless you’re at the pool and all the plant-life around your house is drying up and turning to tumbleweeds (unless you actually water your plants…which we don’t). So what do I like to do? Spend my hard-earned money on music. And I’ve been a very bad boy when it comes to sharing my favorite music. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Teddybears – “Rocket Scientist” (pop/dance)
Funky new track with a serious attitude. Eve guest stars and as the ‘Bears proclaim “Them drum machines ain’t got no soul”…they obviously have tongue planted firmly in cheek. I also downloaded “Cho Cha” which features Cee Lo Green and it also adds a small dose of humor with a cool beat.

Nicole Scherzinger feat. 50 Cent – “Right There” (pop)
I’ve been hearing this one all over the radio and it’s high on the list for “dumbest lyrics of the year” award, however there’s something that I like about it once it gets past that. Catchy hook but beyond that…very sugary with lots of aftertaste.

Evaline – “Beneath The Fire” (rock)
Love me some guitar anthem rock and this band supplies it. Soaring vocals and a dramatic drumbeat, this freebie is in my playlist right now but I doubt it will be there for very long.

Matt Nathanson – “Mercy” (alternative pop)
Catchy tune (and one in a long line with the title “Mercy”) and goes well with sour lemonade.

Ziggy Marley – “Forward To Love” (reggae)
The prodigal son returns with this catchy ditty. Easy on the ears and will go well when you’re hanging by the pool bar.

Florrie – “Begging Me” (dance pop)
This track should be bigger. Don’t know why no one has picked up on this fun pop song but I have yet to hear it on pop radio. The entire EP is good but this is the diamond. Download it now if you like pop music…

Laza Morgan – “This Girl” (pop reggae)
Hmmm…how I ended up downloading this one, I’m not sure but I like the slight reggae beat and the pop sound.

Eddie Vedder – “Longing To Belong” (adult alternative)
EV slows it down to a crawl and breaks out his ukelele for this sweet song. Not much to it but I like it. Of course I’d like just about anything this dude does…

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “Morning Thought” (alternative)
Slow and methodical, it’s almost hypnotic how this song grabs me. I totally dig it and it reminds me a little of Phish.

Arctic Monkeys – “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Seat” (rock)
Bluesy track with weird lyrics. You’ll either like it or you won’t. I like it…but in small doses.

Coldplay – “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” (pop)
This band is one of my favorites but they can do better than this track. It’s decidedly average but works for now. But I expect more if they’re getting ready to release a new album!

Joe Bonamassa – “Dust Bowl” (blues)
Originally released back in March, I LOVE this song. Awesome in every way. Download it now! And you might as well just get the entire album cause it’s that good!

Thievery Corporation – “Culture Of Fear” (trip hop)
Although TC isn’t really a rap group, they enlist various artists to work with them for many of their tracks on their new album. The title track is an awesome fusion of jazz and rap with Mr. Lif laying down the rap track. Excellent track!

If only Nicki could have kept the lyrics a little cleaner this would have been the PERFECT summer track in the same vein as Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” from last summer. Nevertheless…it is what it is and I love it. This song just bleeds “summertime pop” and I can’t help but turn it up everytime I hear it!

Tunes From ITunes: April Showers Bring May…Showers?

Waddaya mean we’re rippin’ off “The Lonely Island” guys?!?!

Damn all this rain! All over our country, the weather is keeping us from doing the one thing we ALL enjoy and that is…cruising with our tops down and our music cranked up! If we get any more rain, I might have to attach floaties to my house and hope for the best. Either way…I’m good to go because I got ITunes and it has been SMOKIN’ the last couple of weeks! ALL KINDS of new releases from bands that I love and so…without a care in the world…I present this months mix of GREAT MUSIC!!!! Prepare for a flashback….

Raphael Saadiq – “Heart Attack” (R&B)
Oh yeah…THIS one is gonna be burning up my IPhone for the rest of the summer! Nothing better than classic R&B and Raphael is in a class of his own with this return to that classic retro sound. Go here if you wanna hear it! It’s HAWT!!! To recommend anything less than buying the entire album would not do Raphael’s work justice. Get the entire album…it’s worth it!

Mat Kearney – “Hey Mama” (pop)
Catchy and smooth, kinda like a milkshake at the local ice cream shop.  Got a great hook and Kearney is one of those under-appreciated artists who deserve a big hit!

The Cars – “Free” (rock)
Thankfully, the new Cars album doesn’t suck! It’s actually a very strong return to form for this great alt-rock 80’s band! So with much pleasure I give you MY favorite track off “Move Like This.” Classic Cars and will please all of their fans! If you like this, the lead single, “Sad Song,” is also great and you can also buy “Keep On Knocking” or “It’s Only.” RIP Benjamin Orr…your talents would have made this album even THAT much better…

Jennifer Lopez – “(What Is) Love?” (pop)
You can put it down now…this will be a big hit. Look for it burning up pop radio in 5…4…3…2…1…

The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton – “Jack Sparrow” (comedy)
Not only is this a great song with one of the most ridiculous (big, sexy) hooks I have ever heard, it also features a classic 80’s artist making fun of himself. It’s a great return to form for Bolton who could use a little of the limelight and his ability to laugh at himself makes this that much more entertaining! Check it out! You can also get the SNL classic “Motherlover,” “After Party” or “I Just Had Sex!”

Kram – “Satellite” (alternative pop)
Not surprisingly, I get a lot of my music from movies and this track is featured on one of the better movies from last year. If you haven’t seen “Easy A”, you should. It is an homage to the great John Hughes films of the 80’s with more modern music! This is my favorite of the bunch!

Katie Cole – “Gravity” (rock)
Not surprisingly, I get a lot of my music from the boob tube also and this track is featured on the latest Movado watch company commercial. Relatively unknown, Katie Cole reminds me of some of the great female rockers of the 90’s. You can’t get this song on ITunes yet but if you’re on Facebook or Myspace you can download it for free! Go get it and wish her well…she’s got a great future ahead of her!

Dum Dum Girls – “He Gets Me High” (rock)
Speaking of great female rock artists, here’s the latest from this retro rock all-girls band. After last years excellent album, “”I Will Be,” I will listen to anything Dee Dee and the girls pump out and this track is excellent! I’m digging the girl bands right now. When is Metric gonna release a new album??? Oh well…this EP will hold me over…for now.

Beastie Boys – “Here’s A Little Something For Ya” (rap)
O…M…G…This track is TEARING up my CD player in my car!!!! A complete return to form for our favorite New Yorkers and the beat in this one is GUARANTEED to make your ass shake! I’m thinking you’re gonna be hearing this one on the radio (I hope, I hope, I hope…) this summer. It’s just too damn good to NOT listen too! Welcome back Boys! We missed ya! I also downloaded the Santigold featured track, “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win” and their pre-released single “Make Some Noise.” All 3 are CLASSICS! Here’s “Make Some Noise”…

Music Soulchild – “Single” (R&B)
Not gonna lie…this track reminds me of something Keith Sweat might have done. Smooth R&B with lyrics that have a little bit of a “grass is always greener” tilt to it. I like it but it doesn’t blow me away. Check it out though!

Other Lives – “Dust Bowl III” (alternative)
Straight from Stillwater, Oklahoma, you can feel the desert heat and the dry wind in your face when this band plays. I got a lot of love for this sound and I totally love this song. I also downloaded “For 12.” Reminds me of Chris Isaak only darker…MUCH darker…

Dredg – “The Thought Of Losing You” (alternative)
Average alt-pop track that gets somewhat repetitive. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. But the band sounds tight and I have hopes that maybe I’ll hear something better from them sooner or later.

Raekwon – “Rock ‘N’ Roll” (rap)
This is a slow burn with featured artists Ghostface Killah & Kobe Honeycutt. I dig it but it’s for rap enthusiasts only.

Medina – “Addiction” (dance)
If you like dance tracks by Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, this will fit in your playlist! I picture this one getting airplay at your local dance club. I like it!

Foo Fighters – “Bridge Burning” (rock)
So the new Foo album is out and I ran out to get it and right out of the gate, the first track is this one. I swear…I couldn’t hear for 2 days after cranking it OUT in my car. Unfortunately, as much as I WANTED to love this entire album, THIS is the best track on it. Great hook, Dave Grohl’s vocals are excellent and everything just works! As for the rest of them album, there’s nothing wrong with it…I guess I just was expecting something fresher. Instead, it’s classic Foo and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I was hoping for something new, I guess. I dunno. I’m very confused…

Nicki Minaj – “Here I Am” (rap)
Everyone LOVES Nicki and I have to admit, I’m a HUGE fan of hers when she’s a featured artist on other artists’ tracks (see Kanye West’s “Monster” for one of the best raps EVER by a featured artist! She tears it up!), but I can’t really say I love her album “Pink Friday.” That being said, I don’t know that she made the album to cater to a 40-something white male. So what I can say is I really like this track which has a smooth R&B tip and cool piano. Dig it!


Okay…here’s the thing…THIS track belongs in an 80’s movie final credits. Think “Footloose” (which is being remade as we speak. Maybe this song will end up on the soundtrack?) with a dance hook. I am gonna go on record as saying this is my…(cough)…favorite…(ack)…Gaga song. It even has a saxophone solo in the middle. It’s like she knew how to finally get to me. I hate you Gagag! But I DO like this song…dammit.

WORST SONG RELEASED IN THE PAST 3 YEARS: Lady Gaga – “Judas” (doesn’t matter. It sucks)
So to counter the surprise that is “The Edge Of Glory” I am back to my bashing of Gagag. This song is easily the WORST in her collection. I don’t know if it’s gonna be released on her to new album or what but whoever decided to release this below average B-side should be smacked in the face with a 2×4.  Not only did they release it just before Easter, but the lyrics and the music are just horrible! The Gaga backlash lasted a second and then the song was gone. Thankfully. But I would love to point out the fact that Madonna released a sex book with her naked throughout most of it earlier in her career so…this is just as bad.

Tunes From ITunes: I’m Going To Seattle And All I Got Was This Stupid U2 T-Shirt

So I’m getting ready to take a little trip to my favorite city in the U.S. of A….Seattle, Washington. And in my hand I have 2 tickets to see U2 in concert. Unfortunately, Bono had to go and have surgery so now I’m going to have to wait to see my favorite band in my favorite city. Either way, I’m gonna have a long flight and I’ll have my book and stuff to do, but I also need some good music to take along with me to crank to 12 and annoy the other people in my row. So here are a few new tracks I’ve picked up over the past couple of weeks. And if you’re the one sitting next to me, I apologize in advance but…well…sometimes ya just gotta turn it up!

Attack Attack – “Lonely” (pop/electronic)
Talk about an identity crisis! This band is a mishmosh of music styles. On their latest release, they pogo from tracks like this to screech metal and it’s kind of disorienting. But in a good way. And this track is a cool middle ground. Slow with piano and vocals that soar, I bet this is awesome in concert! But it’s got a weird outro…so be aware.

Against Me! – “Spanish Moss” (alternative)
From The Bravery to this band, there seems to be a lot of bands producing this kind of sound lately. But I totally dug this album when checking it out on ITunes snippets so I hooked myself up with the entire album. It’s pretty damn good! And this song is my favorite. Rocks in all the right places and is great with the windows down!

Plies featuring Tery Songz – “Kitty Kitty” (rap)
Gee…wonder what they’re talkin’ about here? With some sharp lyrics and a catchy beat, Plies follows up “She Got It Made” with this tribute to…uh…felines?

The Goo Goo Dolls – “Home” (rock)
Where in the world did these guys go? It seems like forever since I listened to “A Boy Named Goo” and I really wasn’t planning on listening to this single until I figured I’d give it a shot. And I’m glad I did. Memories from the 90’s came roaring back and if this is the kind of stuff on their soon to be released new album, I’ll be there to get it! THIS is the Goo Goo Dolls I know and I’m glad to hear they’re back!

Devo – “Mind Games” (alt-pop)
Thankfully, this amazing band is still relevant years after they came out with “Whip It” some 20-odd years ago! Their new album is chock full of pop goodness but this was my favorite track of all of them! Go check it!

Nicki Minaj – “Your Love” (rap)
Following in the footsteps of MIA,  Nicki samples Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s” and ends up with a catchy track that should be a hit on pop radio. It’s a bit repetitive, but the beat is infectious and I kinda dig it.

22-20’s – “Latest Heartbreak” (rock)
This song just sounds dirty, like an underground club where I imagine these guys are playing and it’s smoky and sweaty and everyone is jumping up & down and the beat is driving everyone into a frenzy and then…I was in my car cranking this one waaaaaay up.

The Gaslight Anthem – “American Slang” (rock)
This “Freebie Of The Week” is pretty generic by most standards. But it IS free…so I got it. Reminds me of 90’s rock and average 90’s rock at that.

Usher – “OMG” (R&B)
At first listen, I really didn’t like this song at all. But after hearing it on the radio a few times, I can’t deny that it has a catchy vibe to it that I can’t shake. Makes me shake my butt and I swear it’s been in my head for at least 3 days…

The Ready Set – “Spinnin’ (pop)
My daughter is gonna LOVE this song! Straight from the same mold as Owl City, this song is repetitive and poppy and will go great with…well…spinning. A decent workout song which will get old fast with repeated listenings.

Leela James – “Tell Me You Love Me” (Soul)
What  a soulful voice. What a sexy song. This is a return to the glory days of soul music. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I downloaded the entire album! If you wanna get your sexy back, go get this entire album and tell me it doesn’t make you wanna do the nasty.

Sarah McLachlan – “Out Of Tune” (pop)
There was a time when everything out of Sarah’s mouth was gold. Since then, she’s kind of become a one-trick pony…soft melodies and breathy vocals that sooth the savage beast. But chicks dig it and when I’m sleepy, I’ll throw on this little tune. It’s nice. Aaaaaand that’s all I got.

MC Chris – “Japanese Maid” (rap)
This rapper for the nerd set is actually pretty entertaining. A friend of mine introduced me to MC Chris and I can’t stop listening to this silly track. It’s X-rated (to some degree) but if you miss when Eminem used to be fun, you’ll LOVE this guy.

Band Of Horses – “On My Way Back Home” (alternative)
I love this song and it is great on those long plane rides where I’m yearning for home and can’t wait to see my family again. Check this one out when you’re in a melancholy mood.

Justin Beiber – “Somebody To Love” (pop)
Are you kidding me? Ths track is SMOKIN’ HOT right now! Just ask my daughter! But wait! There’s actually some truth to that! This IS a great pop song! And if I must say so myself…maybe this kid isn’t all just hype? This one will go great with your workout!

The Like – “Catch Me If you Can” (pop)
With a 50’s throwback sound and a Go-Go’s sense for pop, this is a catchy little ditty that you’ll probably hear on Grey’s Anatomy next season.

Marina & The Diamonds – “Hollywood” (alternative)
Sounding a lot like a cross between Siouxsie & Katie Perry, this is about as 80’s as you can get without traveling back in time to listen to it on your boombox in the middle of the night.

A Silent Film – “You Will Leave A Mark” (alternative)
Speaking of the 80’s, this band sounds like every alt-pop band of the late 80’s. I’m thinking Icehouse maybe? But it’s really GREAT Icehouse! And this track is excellent!

Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris – “Break Your Heart” (pop)
Sure…it’s all OVER the radio right now and you’re probably sick of it but I can guarantee you this…when you think about this summer? You’re gonna be thinking about this song. This is THE hot song right now. And I kinda dig it!

Christina Aguilera – “Lift Me Up” (R&B)

Holy crap I love this woman’s voice. I was a little disappointed when checking out her new album on ITunes. Unfortunately it sounds as if Xtina is back and she’s competing with the Lady Gagag for an audience. But truth be told, Christina was here long before that hack made an appearance and if you were to put them in a singing competition, Christina would kick Gaga’s ass. And this song is a good testament to that. Soaring vocals with a subtle guitar backing her up, this track is as good a bet as any I’ve ever heard. I pick it for Top 40 somewhere towards the fall. Gotta get all the dance crap out now while it’s summertime. And if you are so inclined and don’t wanna buy the ENTIRE album (which I decided not to. Maybe I can get it from DL?), download “WooHoo” (which is possibly the most x-rated song I’ve heard in ages) and “You Lost Me” (which she performed on American Idol earlier this year). Great tracks from a great artist…

Just because…

So now EVERYONE can produce a crappy album with a computer and a microphone. Seriously? This is just AWFUL and it hurt my ears but I listened to every 30 second snippet and it never got any better. Guaranteed to be on a ClearChannel radio station near you very soon…