Destination: Destin Mix


Getting oh so ready to head south for a few days and decided I’d mix me up a little something to go with. Here is my Destination: Destin mix! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.22.17 PM


March Madness Mix!!!


It’s that time of year again…THE GREATEST SPORTS SPECTACLE KNOWN TO MAN!!!! Otherwise known as March Madness. This year I get to be in Lexington, Washington DC & Atlanta for all the festivities so…to celebrate…here is a 20 song mix to get you off the couch and cheering for your favorite team! Only problem is, MY alma mater, Ohio University, didn’t make it this year. Oh well…here’s hoping they fair well in the NIT. For now…GO BUCKEYES!!!! And enjoy the mix!


March Madness Mix

New Music Mix_3.7.13

Music Experience III

I know I haven’t been posting on here much but I’ve been so busy with work, kids and my other blogs that I sometimes forget. But I am STILL listening to a LOT of music and here is 1 music mix that I created just today for your listening amusement. Most of these songs have come to me either via ITunes, through movies or television (Joe Walsh’s “Funk 50” was used in Californication last week, Cocteau Twins made an appearance in “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”) or just a need to hear them again (Puscifer, Bonham, Ultravox).


Summer Is FINALLY Here Mix!

They’re just so…HAPPY!

Well it’s about time! After what seemed like months of rain, we now have sun and humidity! Yay us! So to celebrate…here’s a summertime mix to put on while you’re aging your skin with rays and dying of heat exhaustion. Hey…we asked for it!

The Rapture Mix_May 21, 2011

by The Doors

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes…again

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
In a…desperate land  

Wow. THAT’S depressing. Well…this is it. The END. So I figure if I’m gonna go out, I might as well mix up one more great music mix for ya. Not that anyone is reading this no does anyone really care. I mean, right now you should be saying your prayers and kissing your butt goodbye. But if you’re not and you want to be a little more musical about your demise, let’s do it in style, shall we?

So…I guess I’ll see ya in the Great Unknown! Enjoy!

Latino Spin Mix

Shakira can shake what her momma gave her…and then some!

So my spin instructor & friend, Lori P., asked me to mix her up a spin soundtrack for tomorrow’s class. And she’s decided that she wants a Latin theme. Her only instructions went like this…

“Well…we’re gonna spin really fast, then climb a 5 minute hill, then go really fast again, then climb a 7 minute hill, then fast again. And then maybe do some jumps.”

Uh. Ooooookay?

So here’s what she gets. Check it out and see if it works for you!

“The 80’s Were Totally Awesome Dude” Soundtrack Mix

Are you in your late 30’s or early 40’s? If you are…that means you grew up in the 80’s. And if you grew up in the 80’s, that means you grew up in a cultural explosion that meshed pop culture with just about everything. From music, movies and television, the 80’s was as colorful a decade as you’ll find (literally…go check out the clothes!). Technology was booming, music & television merged with MTV and movies became a must-see event in the summertime. Living in a small town, there was nothing better to do on a Friday night than to cruise the main strip with the windows down, listening to the radio and then heading out to the local theater to catch the latest blockbuster. And it’s with those memories that I give you this mix of great tunes! Straight from the soundtracks of my favorite 80’s flicks…here’s a mix of the best songs that you may or may not of heard of that are featured in my favorite movies from my youth. First 3 people who know which scene that 3 of them are featured in I will mail you a copy of the playlist! And I predict no one will even try…lol

Shark Island – “Father Time”
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Keanu Reeves got his start playing the goofy Ted and the soundtrack is kinda kickass! Check out this hair band from Los Angeles! Reminds me a little of Billy Idol…

Flesh For Lulu – “I Go Crazy”
Some Kind Of Wonderful
I remember listening to Flesh For Lulu when I was in college in 1988. Dig this progressive alt-band!

Max Carle – “The Circle”
Weird Science
Seriously…this is a TOTALLY AWESOME soundtrack that has never been released on CD, so it’s unbelievably difficult to find. However I finally found it and now I’m playing it out! This is my favorite track off the album. Just good pop…

Wild Men Of Wonga – “Why Don’t Pretty Girls (Look At Me)”
Weird Science
Who was this band? Where did they go? Who knows…but I love this song and it’s alt-rock-pop-punk sound is VERY 80’s…

Mick Smiley – “Magic”
It starts out slow, then it kicks in towards the middle and becomes kind of haunting. Considering the movie it was in, that makes sense, right?

Tim Cappello – “I Still Believe”
The Lost Boys
With a sax to die for (literally), this gem from one of my favorite 80’s vampire flicks.

Commuter – “Young Hearts”
The Karate Kid
Everyone remembers that Peter Cetera’s “Glory Of Love” was the featured song in TKK II, but who remembers THIS track from the original? Nice pop track…

Jermaine Jackson – “Closest Thing To Perfect”
John Travolta’s worst movie ever? Considering it’s a film about aerobics and…uh….well, who knows what else, that’s up for discussion. But this little pop gem is from the OTHER non-female Jackson and it’s pop R&B at it’s finest!

Miami Sound Machine – “Hot Summer Nights”
Top Gun
This is just a great album that captures the essence of the decade in it’s entirety. And the movie ain’t half bad either. And this song was pretty much ignored and never released (as far as I know), but I love it anyways!

Wang Chung – “Fire In The Twilight”
The Breakfast Club
What would the 80’s have been without Wang Chung? Not only did they manage to release a song that made absolutely made no sense, it became a hit AND it was named after the band. THIS track is a MILLION times better than “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, but who woulda known?

Starship – “Wild Again”
Not one of Tom Cruise’s best movies, you say? Well…that might be true, but this song features the kind of soaring vocals by Grace Slick that was all over pop radio in the 80’s. No matter what their name was, Starship (aka Jefferson Airplane AND Jefferson Starship) rocked my world!

Tangerine Dream – “Lana”
Risky Business
An instrumental track from this German band, the movie was littered with their distinctive sound. And this song is featured in possibly the most defining scene in the film. How hot was Lana? I’d say it was this scene that many teenage boys fantasized to in the 80’s. Well…except for THIS scene…

The Cars – “Moving In Stereo”
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Oh come on…if you don’t know what scene I’m talking about here, you weren’t a teenage boy growing up in the 80’s…

Elizabeth Daily – “One Way Love”
Better Off Dead
Whether it’s Elizabeth or E.G., this pop songstress has that distinctive screechy vocal that could blow Cyndi Lauper away. Ok…maybe not…but this song is as fun and poppy as anything else on this list!

Sparks – “Angst In My Pants”
Valley Girl
I can only imagine what it was like growing up in southern California in the 80’s, but this song almost epitomizes what it was like being a teenager ANYWHERE in the United States!

Ollie & Jerry – “Electric Booglaoo”
Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
Oh come on…if you were dancin’ in the 80’s, you were breakin’ and THIS track is fun R&B that makes ya wanna do the robot…

Chris Farren & Amy Holland – “Learn To Love Again”
Night Of The Comet
How much do I love this movie? Well…that can be argued. However the soundtrack is classic 80’s pop and it’s not available on CD ANYWHERE but I found it! Here is my favorite track and it has NOTHING to do with zombies or cheerleaders. Just so ya know…

Kim Wilde – “Say you Really Want Me”
Running Scared
What a great fun song! With keyboards galore and great riffs, this track is undeniably 80’s!!!

Jude Cole – “Back To School”
Back To School
Great pop song that is featured in the classic Rodney Dangerfield flick about a guy who goes back to school to be with his son and along the way finds love and happiness…or something like that. Either way…this song is awesome!!!

Dan Hartman – “I Can Dream About You”
Streets Of Fire
This song has gotten enough airplay through the years and was fairly popular, but it’s one of my favorite songs from that decade and it would be a shame to NOT include it here! Great

Lindsay Buckingham – “Holiday Road”
John Hughes’ choice in music was impeccable when it came to his soundtracks and this song is taylor made for this film. A perfect choice by the 80’s filmmaking genius!

Once again…first 3 people who know which scenes these tracks were featured in gets a copy! Aaaaand go! I’ll be waiting by my computer…or not.

Hotel Music Mix 1

Not gonna lie…I get REALLY bored in my hotel room. I read, I watch tv, I play Bejeweled, I watch football or basketball or whatever and I listen to music. And most often, when I’m listening to music, I either plug into AOL Radio, Pandora or a mix of my own. So here, for your viewing (and then LISTENING) pleasure, is a little mix that relaxes me and keeps me happy on those long, boring evening’s when there’s nothing on the tube, I forgot my book and I can’t seem to get past 10,000 points on my favorite IPhone game…

1. Bob Marley & The Whalers – “Sun Is Shining”

2. Zero 7 – “Throw It All Away”

3. Nick Drake – “From The Morning”

4. Magnet – “Lay Lady Lay”

5. Iron & Wine – “Naked As We Come”

6. Dirty Vegas – “Days Go By” (Acoustic version)

7. Citizen Cope – “Sideways”

8. Beautiful South – “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

9. Cat Stevens – “The Wind”

10. Francesca Battistelli – “Time In Between”

11. Imogen Heap – “The Walk”

12. Morphine – “Whisper”

13. Interference – “Gold”

14. Peter Murphy – “Cuts You Up”

And my latest favorite song which was just added this past week…check out the latest from Band of Horses. I think it’s most excellent for the day I’m checking out…

15. Band Of Horses – “On My Way Back Home”

Music Mixes: 2 Mixes For My 2 Friends

Recently I had 2 friends say very nice things about me, my mixes and my musical tastes. Seeing as how I’m not one to receive compliments all that often, I was flattered so I decided to send them both a little somethin’ in the mail. Of course, in my hurry, I forgot to include a playlist for the 2 of them. So for your viewing enjoyment…here are the 2 mix CDs that my friends received the other day along with the latest from B.o.B. and The John Butler Trio. Hoping they are enjoying all 4 disks as much as I have been!

P.S. It pays to be nice to me. Someone please explain this to everyone else. Thanks.



Kim’s Kick-Ass Workout Mix

To celebrate the release of the film “Kick Ass” in theatres nationwide, I am celebrating by mixing up a kick ass workout mix for my blogger friend Kim from Seattle. Kim likes to give me a little crap from time to time (okay…ALL the time), so for her…I’ll go that extra mile to make sure she gets a good workout. Hope ya like it Kim…and remember…when your ears start to bleed and your heart rate is maxed out…ya got me to thank for it!

Let’s get started with a little tune that is featured on the “Kick Ass” soundtrack, shall we?

1. Primal Scream – “Can’t Go Back” (alternative rock)
You can start your workout with this little ditty. Why bother stretching and warming up when you can jump right into it?

2. The Dirtbombs – “I Hear The Sirens” (alternative rock)
No time to slow down…just keep right on rockin’. Maybe throw some Kegel’s in there for good measure?

3. Fort Minor – “In Stereo” (rap)
Hit the running machine for this one. I dare you to keep pace with the bass line in this one. No wait…don’t. It might kill ya…

4. The Pretenders – “The Wait” (classic rock)
Oh…you can’t do that! Mix a classic rock song in…oh wait…THIS song will KICK YOUR ASS! Chrissie RAWKS!

5. Eminem – “Medicine Ball” (rap)
So you think you can work the balls? The WORKOUT balls Kim…geez. Well then throw in THIS track and I guarantee it will not only offend but it will have you rockin’ your abs…

6. Heavy D & The Boyz – “Don’t Curse” (rap)
Oh I know the burn is getting you down…but DON’T CURSE! Heavy D says not too…

7. LL Cool J – “Baby” (rap)
It ain’t a true workout mix without the best bod in rap. LL kicks this thing to a new level with this track. Don’t even try stopping now…’cause we’re just now getting started…

8. AC/DC – “Big Jack” (rock)
Angus & crew know what it takes to make a workout special. Maybe a little Jack to get ya through?

9. Guns N Roses – “Shackler’s Revenge” (rock)
Let’s take it back to when you were young and feeling so full of energy? Remember that? Well…now imagine feeling that way again with Axel Rose screaming in your face!! That’s where you are during THIS track…

10. Beyonce – “Videophone” (R&B)
Are you kidding? Get down on the floor and do some crunches to this one. It will grind you into submission.

11. The Chemical Brothers – “Galvanize” (electronic)
Done with crunches? Hit the weights. Arm curls to this will start the burn.

12. Devo – “Uncontrollable Urge” (alternative)
Time for some bench presses? Nah…wait for those…let’s get some arm presses in first. This one works with bench dips and tricep pushdowns. Wuss.

13. Henry Goss – “Shannon” (pop)
Because at this point you’re feeling like crying. This song will help a bit. And then…

14. J Kwon – “Tipsy” (rap)
Enough of the whining beyotch! Bench presses! Let’s go, ya big baby…

15. John Lee Hooker, Jr – “Boom Boom” (blues)
Time to do some leg presses. Yeah I know…you’re only supposed to work certain muscle groups every other day. Whatever. Get to it!

16. Lil Kim – “The Jump Off” (rap)
Still got some energy? Good…cause Kim likes to work ya out a lil. What should you do now? Maybe some cable woodchoppers? Sure…why not?

17. Miranda Lambert – “Gunpowder & Lead” (country)
Winding down a little? Hmmm…what to motivate? How about THIS track? Ya don’t like country? I bet you like this one. YOU pick the muscle group ya wanna work out…and get to it!

18. Joan Jett – “Bad Reputation” (rock)
Joan can rip with the best of ’em. This track will tear you up unless you keep up! Don’t let down yet! You’re almost done! Oh yeah…and this track is in the movie also…

19. Marilyn Manson – “The Beautiful People” (alternative rock)
So you think you’re winding down until that young, twenty-something with the rock hard buns strolls into the gym. And now you’re thinking you can do a few more reps. Let Marilyn help you channel that hatred…

20. Red Rider – “Lunatic Fringe” (rock)
Yeah…you worked it hard. Time to cool down a bit. This will do for some stretching. Nice job. You made it through…but there’s always tomorrow…


Blah La Blah Blog Workout Mixes

So my blogger friend over at Blah La Blah Blog Log has a new workout routine and she tells me that she has put together a cool new mix of music that includes the Black-Eyed Peas’ “Imma Be”, Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” and Rob Thomas.


I told my friend that I will hook her up with a couple of music mixes that might fit her workout needs. I think these will do the trick. Check it and tell me what you think!

For those times when she needs to shake it loose a little bit…

And if she’s in more of a rockin’ mood…

Soooo…ya got those coming your way Mel! Hope you like!

Imma Be??? GAH!!!

Viva! Las Vegas! Music Mix

I’m heading to the bright lights in the desert for a weekend getaway with some buddies this weekend. This is the first time in a long time I’ve done anything like this and I have to be honest, I have no idea what I’m gonna do there. I’m not much of a gambler and I don’t really have any interest in shopping. But I figure I’ll drink and eat a lot and maybe sit by the pool. You know…all the boring things you can do in Vegas. And to celebrate, I’ve concocted a mix just for this occasion. Viva Las Vegas everyone! Wish me luck!

Elvis Presley – “Viva Las Vegas”
Seriously? What would you think I would lead off with?

Fountains Of Wayne – “Strapped For Cash”
Which I’m sure I will be by the end of the weekend…

Reverend Horton Heat – “Party In Your Head”
Pretty sure the THOUGHT of the fun stuff we THINK we’ll be doing is gonna be so much more exciting than what REALLY happens.

Eric Clapton – “It’s In The Way That You Use It”
Featured in the movie “The Color Of Money”, I got a feeling I will be using it and using it poorly this weekend…

Will Hoge – “Sex, Lies & Money”
Isn’t that what Vegas is all about?

Steve Miller Band – “Take The Money & Run”
which is exactly what I’ll be doing if I happen to hit the red 7.

Katy Perry – “Waking Up In Vegas”
If I wake up with a woman singing this in our hotel room, I’m in big trouble.

Was (Not Was) – “Wedding Vows In Vegas”
Ah…romance. However, if ANY of us get married in Vegas there will be hell to pay because, as far as I know, we’re all already married. But marriage vows in Vegas aren’t meant to last for ages…

311 – “Jackpot”
And that’s what I’ll be screamin’ when I hit it!

JET – “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”
This is what I’m gonna be telling my buddies when they start talking shit at the roulette wheel.

Dire Straits – “Calling Elvis”
No reason other than it has Elvis in the title and he performed live in Vegas for many years before he choked on that peanut butter & banana sandwich.

Wayne Newton – “What’s New Pussycat?”
Whoa whoa whoaoooooooo…..

AC/DC – “What Do You Do For Money Honey?”
I think I might have a few ideas…

Nickelback – “Shakin’ Hands”
I have no idea if we will be frequenting strip bars or seeing naked women. But if we do, I imagine they’ll be living the life in THIS song…

Reel Big Fish – “Party Down”
Oh yeah. I will. And remember…what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas. Unless I get really drunk & stupid and decide to blog about it. Then I expect EVERYONE in the blogosphere to keep it quiet…understood?

A Little Left Of Lost Mix

Of all my blogger friends, the one who totally digs the same tunage as I do is Danielle Lee from “A Little Left Of Lost“. This chick is the shit! She’s a mom, a wife and one tough cookie. If you get the chance, go check out her site and see what her favorite songs are lately. But for now, I dedicate THIS music mix to her. She’s one cool lady with a down-home sense to her and she’s a great writer (when she gets the chance to write!). This one is for you DL!

Norah Jones – “Even Though”
Love this track from Jones’ latest, “The Fall”. Silky smooth and as pretty as a kitten. Love Norah Jones! And so does DL…

Rihanna – “Photographs”
A track that might end up getting some airplay. I think it deserves it. Look for it after the suits get done pimping all the dance tracks on Rihanna’s “Rated R” album.

Cazals – “Time Of Our Lives”
Love the beginning of this one. Piano intro and a sound that makes me want to edit a video to it. Has a familiar “Fray” sound to it, even if this band deserves a better reference.

David Guetta – “When Love Takes Over”
I know that DL likes to get down from time to time, and this track is perfect for that. A good dance track with a pumpin’ beat. You’ll like this one!

They Might Be Giants – “Ana Ng”
One of my favorite TMBG tracks. Check it out!

Timbaland & Magoo – “Throwback”
Seriously…Timbaland is probably my favorite artist who sings even though he shouldn’t. This track drops a dirty bass beat with a sampled crow caw. Are you kidding me? Awesome…

The Beatles – “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey”
I’m going to Vegas. Vegas has the Beatles’ show “Love”. This song has the word “monkey” in it. That’s it.

Sonny Landreth – “Storm Of Worry”
I know DL has been through some tough times. This track is a bluesy number from a traditional blues artist. Dig it!

Fort Minor – “Petrified”
Limp Bizkit mixed with House of Pain and a twisted beat mix. Hell…even I shake my butt when this one hits my earbuds!

The Ataris – “Boys Of Summer”
Seriously, the original is one of my all-time favorites, so why redo it? How about because this one speaks for a new generation? See…we’re not so different…

The Riders – “Coalinga”
Just a simple song with a Van Morrison sound. And I like it.

Phoenix – “Fences”
EVERYONE loves this band and I can’t deny…they do have a fun sound. This is a really good track off their last album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”.

Brad – “The Day Brings”
One of my all-time favorite piano songs. It’s just a really hopeful song. Much like DL herself…

Robin Thicke & Estelle – “Rollacoasta”
This one is a throwback to the 70’s. I almost want to go rollerskating when I hear it…it’s THAT good!

Concrete Blonde – “Mexican Moon”
I don’t know why DL…but I think you will LOVE this song (if you don’t know it already).

Valentine’s Day Love Mix

Ahhh…love. Where would we be without it? I mean, it would be all just be promiscuous, unadulterated sex without meaning…right? And we wouldn’t want that. So to put you in the mood, I’ve come up with a little 10 track mix to throw on to show her you love her. And don’t forget the candy. Chicks LOVE candy. Maybe more than the sex.

Yeah…DEFINITELY more than the sex…

1. Eric Clapton – “Wonderful Tonight”
The essential classic love song. This is THE song to make sure you get lucky tonight. Wait…I mean…

2. The Eagles – “Best Of My Love”
Slow and to the point. And when Don Henley sings…panties drop. Just sayin’…

3. The Spinners – “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”
One of MY personal love songs. Has been since I can remember and always will be.

4. Lionel Ritchie – “Endless Love”
I KNOW it’s gag worthy but CMON! It’s Valentine’s Day!

5. Stevie Wonder – “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)”
Classic Stevie. And this song will set her up & knock her down.

6. LL Cool J – “I Need Love”
Don’t we all? And LL sings it as good as anyone. Oh…and the dude is ripped. Which means she won’t be seeing your fat butt when you’re doing the deed.

7. Foreigner – “I Want To Know What Love Is”
Sure…you COULD do the modern Mariah remake, but why? The classic is the best. And she will know it.

8. Pete Townshend – “Let My Love Open The Door”
The version from the “Grosse Pointe Blank” soundtrack is slow and classy. I’d go with it.

9. U2 – “All I Want Is You”
Oh come on. You want a little play? Women MELT to this…

10. Journey – “Faithfully”
Still one of the greatest love songs ever. Who doesn’t feel the aching? The longing? That NEED to be together?

Ooooor…if you wanted to spice it up a bit, just throw on Cupid’s “Cupid Shuffle” and GET BIZZAH!!!

Good luck my friends and remember…LOVE is where your heart is. Or something like that…