The History Of My Music

I was raised in a small town in Ohio. As you can imagine, there weren’t many radio stations there so I was raised on my parents’ favorite music…country. As I grew older, I grew to like pop music such as Hall & Oates, Chicago, Pat Benatar, Boston, etc. The first 45 I owned was “Undercover Angel” by Alan O’Day. The first album I remember listening too over & over again was REO Speedwagon’s “High Infidelity”. And the first cassette I owned? Supertramp’s double-live disk “Paris”. From there my taste progressed into more classic rock like AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and bands with a guitar heavy sound like U2 and The Police. In my teenage years of the mid to late 80’s, pop took over in a big way with Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and slew of other bands exploding onto video and into my television on MTV. So this is what I listened too. And then after high school I went on to college and got whisked into the music of the moment…grunge. So with Pearl Jam & Nirvana roaring out of my car stereo, I banged my head with the best of them until my final 2 years of college when that scene kind of died down and then I backtracked a bit and got into the more progressive music with the Violent Femmes, REM and The Smiths.

Cut to today. I’m a father with 2 kids. And ITunes has replaced going to the record store. And I buy an album a month but download enough single songs to start my own record store. And there is SO MUCH out there that it’s hard to keep anything straight! So that’s what I’m gonna try to do here…keep it straight.

I like music. A lot. And I like lots of it. I don’t discriminate. I like pop, rock, country, trance, electronica, dance, death metal, R&B, rap, reggae, punk, alternative, indie, new age & just about anything you can throw at me. And if I don’t like it, I will tell you why. I am not the end all, be all of music. I just like what I like. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Hopefully we can share music along the way. I will find new bands for you, you can tune me in to new artists that you have heard. And together we can keep on rockin’ from now til the day our kids turn and ask…”Who is Nirvana again?”



  1. Alan, I had followed A Round World earlier and enjoyed your music reviews there, so I was glad to see this blog of yours too. I’ve got a historical music book to send you, and I was trying to find your e-mail address. (It’s 436 pages in pdf format and will need to be accessed via FTP — I’ll give you the instructions) You can read about my book at I’ll bet you a thousand mp3s that you’re going to like it. I’m at rustysouthwick @

    If you’re so inclined, I’d like to hear what catches your eye about the book, and what you feel its strengths are. This is edition 1, and edition 2 is slated for the fall of 2012.

    Rusty Southwick

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