Metric (St. Louis_10.2.12)

20121005-223910.jpgWhat is it with St. Louis? I mean…I hate the dreaded Cardinals but I’ll be damned if everytime I go there I don’t have fun! A few years ago, I was lucky to be in town when Collective Soul happened to be playing downtown. This year, I was around when one of my favorite bands of the last 5 years made a stop on their tour at one of the premier concert sites in the country!

Opening act Half Moon Run opened the show, showcasing some talent for the future. Apparently this band was put together after a call out for artists on Craigslist. Dunno if that’s how it’s being done these days but it’s definitely working for this band! Although the latter songs of their set got a little monotonous, I still enjoyed the energy they brought to the 45+ minute opening that included some pretty good songs such as “Nerve” and “Full Circle.” All 4 members have a variety of skills, each playing several instruments at any given time, and their performance managed to highlight those skills in an entertaining fashion. I’ll have to watch to see how they do once they get a more established body of work but for now I’ll say they have great potential and are worth lending an ear when you have some time!

Having been around for some time (a little over 14 years), Metric was the opposite of Half Moon Run. They came out with a head of steam, with lead singer Emily Haines doing very little talking during the blistering opening hour of the show. With a new album to promote (which you get free with a ticket), Metric wasted no time in getting into the meat of it. Leading off with the opening song, “Artificial Nocturne,” they hammered away with a bulk of “Synthetica,” including the title track, “Breathing Underwater” and “Dreams So Real.” With their set backdrop flashing neon and laser beams, Metric showed why they are considered a strong player in alternative music today, utilizing synthesizers and guitars to near disco perfection. Hit single “Youth Without Youth” was a huge crowd-pleaser, as was their encore performance of “Black Sheep,” which was highlighted in the film “Scott Pilgrim vs The World.”

Although their set went almost 2 hours, I found the time flew and a lot of that had to do with the fact that I never stayed in one place! If you’ve never been to The Pageant, I can honestly say it was one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) small concert venue I’ve ever been to. Everything about this place is high class with a “pit” near the stage that doesn’t allow alcohol to an upstairs balcony with stadium seating that has no bad sight lines. I LOVED that I could move around the venue, watching the performance from any given number of locations! Prices weren’t bad, with a beer running under $5, and there was a really nice merchandise store located within the theater that was clean and easy to move around in. Looking at Wikipedia, it states that The Pageant has been listed at #4 in the world for ticket sales at a club venue. I can see why! This place is an excellent spot to take in a performance on any given night! If you get a chance, you should definitely see a show there. I can’t recommend it enough!



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