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If it seems as if I haven’t been spending a lot of time on my little music blog here it’s simply because…well…I haven’t been. So this obviously means that I have a LOT of music backed up that I need to let you know about so let’s get right to it on this rainy spring day, mmmmkay?

Santigold – “This Isn’t Our Parade” (alt-pop)
Fusing a lot of different genres into her sound, Santi White sends out yet another message in her music. With heavy electronic claps and underlying synthesizers, no one does this sound better.

ALO – “Dead Still Dance” (rock)
Bluesy rock with a simple beat that caught my ear, this California band is worth a listen! This is the catchy opening track to their new album “Sounds Like This!” Go check out the whole album!

Animal Kingdom – “White Sparks” (alternative)
With the ITunes “Freebie of the Week” being a cool single off their new album,  “The Looking Away,”  I figured I’d go try out something else other than “Strange Attractor” and I pick this sexy and mesmerizing track. With heavy synthesizer, this track sucked me in.

Silversun Pickups – “Mean Spirits” (alt-rock)
Leaving right where they left after their 2009 album, “Swoon,” I’m happy to say that the Pickups haven’t changed much! Heavy hooks dominate their new album but this rocker is my favorite.

Garbage – “Automatic Systematic Habit” (alternative)
This free track from their upcoming new album (the first since 2005’s “Bleed Like Me”) is nothing to get excited about. Shirley Manson’s vocals are good enough but the song gets repetitive and boring. Here’s hoping this isn’t the best they have to offer.

Justin Smith (featuring Elise Testone) – “Ride With Me” (R&B)
Sounding like a half-assed Everclear, the only reason I bought this song was because it featured Elise Testone, my favorite singer on American Idol this year. The song isn’t very good but Elise sounds great! Here’s hoping she can put together a great solo effort now that she doesn’t have to worry about the Idol madness anymore.

Elise Testone – “Whole Lotta Love” (rock)
The highlight of this season for me was Elise’s rawkin’ version of Led Zep’s classic track! Her vocals are awesome and fun! Give it a listen!

Mickey Avalon – “Party In My Pants” (rap)
Oh Mickey…your swagger is so much fun!  Straight from Hollywood, this song pretty much captures the essence of who Avalon is. It’s repetitive and silly but this song will be playing on my IPod for a while. Also bought “Tight Blue Jeans,” which has a heavy guitar riff and would be excellent in a strip joint…

B.o.B. – “Outta My Mind” (rap)
The highly anticipated new album from Bobby Ray falls short of his last album but there are some good tracks here that will get all kinds of radio play. Obviously the new track, “So Good,” is top notch pop but this track featuring the eclectic Nicki Minaj is a gem. It could have been included on Nicki’s new album also for that matter. It seems to be more up her alley but B.o.B. takes the reins and reels it from her grasp even though Minaj does a mean rap mid-song!

Carina Round – “Got To Go” (alternative)
Don’t know much about this singer/guitarist but I liked this song upon first listen. Unfortunately it kind of wore itself out with me quickly. I will put her up there as an artist with some potential but for whatever reason I feel like I’ve heard this song before. Odd…

Metric – “Youth Without Youth” (rock)
I LOVE me some Metric and with this being the first single released from  the new album, I can’t WAIT to hear what the rest of it sounds like! Heavy on the beat and catchy as hell, this song will be one of my favorites for this year, I’m sure. Sure…they’re a Garbage hybrid, but for whatever reason, I totally dig Emily Haines’ vocals and I really liked their last album. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this one (“Synthetica” is due out in June)!

Luce – “Buy A Dog” (pop)
This song was released in 2005 and I had never heard of this band until the other day on the radio I hear that they are suing Selena Gomez for one of her new songs. Apparently she (or her producers) stole the hook of THIS  song and used it. I can’t say one way or the other, but it DOES sound remarkably similar. Anyway…this song is excellent and I can’t help but promote a song that is not only good, but also a band that stands by its material! Go Luce!

Greg Laswell – “Come Back Down” (alternative)
Laswell has one of those familiar voices that never seems to change. This song isn’t a new sound for him but with the added vocals of Sara Bareilles and a catchy refrain, it’s well worth your money!

Foxes – “Youth” (electronic pop)
I don’t know if I’ve categorized this song correctly but either way, it’s got a lot of synthesized beats and echo so…I’ll call it electronic pop! I really like this track and I am looking forward to hearing more from…uh…whoever this singer is. Check this one out if you’re into this kind of sound…

Future – “Go Harder” (rap)
My son is totally into the rap right now and this is right up his alley. It’s a sports anthem wrapped up in heavy beats and tweets. He digs it! I don’t…

Neon Trees – “Moving In The Dark” (alternative)
The new single, “Everybody Talks” is getting worn out on alternative radio so I went looking for the next big single and I dig this track! It’s a slow build then it gets bombastic with almost a gospel tinge. Interesting and cool…

Soundgarden – “Live To Rise” (rock)
Featured in the new movie, “The Avengers,” this credit sequence track should be a rock radio staple for a while. Its a nice return for Chris Cornell and the boys, who haven’t released a new album since the mid-90’s.

Linkin Park – “Burn It Down” (rock)
This song COULD have been featured in the new “Avengers” movie. It would have fit in well actually but apparently it didn’t make the cut. This song is just like every other Park song….loud, heavy on guitar, got a rap in the middle. It’s okay but I’m kind of tired of this band already. But if you like The Park? This song won’t disappoint!

Fun. – “All Alone” (pop)
Sure…the song “We Are Young” is the HOT new song right now, but this band has a few other tricks up its sleeve. This is one of my favorite songs off the new album!

Alex Clare – “Too Close” (alternative)
Oh…you’ve heard it, you probably just don’t realize it. Featured in an “Internet Explorer” commercial, this song has this crazy hook that is mesmerizing! Check into this one!

Chiddy Bang – “Handclaps & Guitars” (rap)
Yep…that’s what it is!

Maroon 5 – “Payphone” (pop)
Here’s the deal…this is a GREAT pop song. But for whatever reason, Adam Levine feels the need to throw the words “sh%$” and “F%$*king” in there to prove what a badass he is so…they lose points on that one (especially since I downloaded the song BEFORE realizing there was a CLEAN version). But otherwise…this is as pure a pop song as you’ll find out there right now.

Reptar – “Orifice Origami” (alternative)
Um…dunno what the title is all about however…this song is AWESOME! It’s a mix of alt-pop and Elvis Costello and I DIG IT! Check this one out!

Other tracks I would recommend:

White Rabbits – “Temporary” (alt-pop),  Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe (pop), Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo – “Think Like A Man” (R&B),  Deep Sea Arcade – “Girls” (alternative), All-American Rejects – “Fast & Slow” (rock), Escort – “Makeover” (alternative)


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