Katharine McPhee vs Samantha Fox…A “Touch Me” Showdown!

Racy by 80’s standards…

So a few months ago, NBC started airing promos for the new Broadway drama called “Smash” and in it, they used the new single by Katharine McPhee called “Touch Me.” It’s catchy as hell and sexy and ready for the dance floors and I was smitten with it right away. This, in turn, brought to mind another tune called “Touch Me” by 80’s pin-up girl and British supermodel, Samantha Fox. Released in 1986, Fox’s “Touch Me” made it all the way to #4 on the American pop charts and gave Samantha her 15 minutes of fame here in the states.

Racy by today’s standards?

The question here is…which one of these tracks is better? For its time, Fox’s single was considered somewhat racy for an artist that wasn’t named Madonna. In today’s society, McPhee’s “Touch Me” might not hold up considering some of the bawdy music that’s out there nowadays. So YOU be the judge. Here are BOTH singles. Let me know what ya think! For MY money…I dig the McPhee song…but Samantha will always be a reminder of my youth. Who wins? Aaaaaaand….GO!


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