What Is Going On With Christina Aguilera?

In 2007

I am a professed Christina Aguilera fan. In my mind, there is no one out there in pop music today who can hold a candle to her vocally. She simply has amazing talent and despite the fact that her career has taken an odd turn, I can’t help but wonder…what is going on with her?

Pictures taken at a Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales recently have been less than flattering and I can’t figure out what is going on. Here she is in Wales…

I have no idea what to think. Is this just a bad shot? I realize that she had a baby in 2008 but in last year’s film, “Burlesque,” she looked like this…

And then last year on “The Voice,” she admittedly had gained some weight but I thought that maybe she was either pregnant again (even though she had divorced from her husband in late 2010, she was said to be dating a production assistant that she had met on the set of “Burlesque”) or maybe just not as in shape as she normally is. So…I dunno. I’m hoping that whatever she’s doing she’s okay physically and mentally. She looks…well…frankly she looks like she needs some help. With her last album, “Bionic,” never really finding an audience (even if it did have a couple of hit singles) and “Burlesque” doing less than expected at the box office (I liked it), I’m hoping she’s not slipping away and losing sight of where her talent really lies. “The Voice” might have had an audience but her strength is HER voice and I hope she can find it again…and find herself some help with her weight. Not that she looked bad on “The Voice” but the shots at the MJ concert are horrible. She looks insane!

Here she is in the latest single with Maroon 5, “Moves Like Jagger.” I gotta think there’s some kind of odd camera trickery going her because a person can’t just leapfrog from what she looks like in this video to what she looks like in the above photo. It’s just not physically possible!

Is it?



  1. in the video, all her close ups, the image is stretched or the frame compressed. Still her voice would have been the same and she is a long term performing star since childhood, she would have trained with professionals and starved herself silly to get fit for the shoot. You will also notice the costume is a long frock coat and sixties hat very flattering and covering. It is a tough call to live in the limelight and to lose the father of your child… no one really ever recovers their heart easily from this blush of love. Your right though her talent is her voice an extraordinary strength but she may need to do some internal loving for a while first before she comes back to it. I hope for her sake and her fans she does. it is a beautiful gift when used well.

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