Kid Rock (Cincinnati_7.2.11)

For crying out loud…GET A ROOM!

I have to be careful how I do this because I don’t wanna bad-mouth the self-proclaimed “baddest mother$#%$” out there today but I gotta be honest when I say that after seeing The Kid perform at Riverbend the other night, he’s borderline geriatric.

In July of 2009, Kid Rock came to town with his Rock & Roll Revival Tour which featured Lynyrd Skynyrd as the opening act and Run (from Run DMC) as a special guest and Kid tore the roof off the place (not that it has a roof because it’s an outdoor pavilion but you get the idea). On Saturday night, not only was the show a lot slower (Kid barely left his spot on stage center) but at one point he sat down and played acoustic songs while admitting that age might be catching up to him. Now…I’m not an aging rocker whose entire career is based on drinking whiskey, hanging with hot hoes and bragging about my accomplishments (“I’ve been on the cover of the Rolling Stone/I met the president when I was half stoned”), but to come right out and sing an acoustic song about being 40 is not the way to go down swinging (even if it was hysterical!).

I hate to come down too hard on Kid just because the first show I saw in 2009 was so kick ass that I couldn’t believe what I saw this past weekend. I swear, I don’t know if it was the heat & humidity or maybe Kid is just burned out from all the touring but he just looked kinda bored. Not that I can blame him…Cincinnati in early July is miserable and Riverbend kind of sucks as far as venues are concerned but that didn’t seem to stop him last time. So I have to wonder if maybe Kid is vying to become more of a country artist (he IS touring with Sheryl Crow, for crying out loud) and if that is the case, more power to him. But country music already has it’s Kenny Chesney and when I go to a Kid Rock show, I want good old fashioned kick ass rock & roll. But for all the posturing and rapping, Kid is starting to come across as another aging rock star who has lived the fast life and now is starting to slow down. The days of Pamela Anderson are long gone and now he’s stuck on cycle of touring (he’s been on the road since January 15) and small venues. I can feel where he’s at but still…compared to last time…he lamed this one out.

As for his setlist and the stage, it is pretty standard. Kid is backed by his excellent Twisted Brown Trucker Band and the stage is cool with lots of lasers and pyrotechnics that keep it lit up most of the time (but it must have made it pretty warm for the backup singers and the drummer who were the closest to the flames). Apparently Kid recruited the aid of several BenGals cheerleaders to “strip” during the show. The girls danced on poles and gave the guys in the crowd something to ogle at but besides that, the night wasn’t very exciting. Depending on your taste in Kid’s music (he is one of the only acts out there that can mix classic rock, rap, country and metal), that might not be a bad thing. But for this fan, it was disappointing. I like the hardcore rappin’ Kid…not the grandpappy country singin’ Kid. If I want to lament on getting older I’ll go to a Jimmy Buffet show. When I see Kid Rock, I wanna see some ass-kickin’. Saturday night Kid brought a lawn chair. And that pretty much sums it up.


  1. American Bad Ass
  2. God Bless Saturday
  3. You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me
  4. Cocky
  5. Slow My Roll
  6. Midnight Rider
  7. Cowboy
  8. Lay It On Me
  9. Care
  10. Somebody’s Gotta Feel This / Fist Of Rage / I Am The Bullgod / Forever
  11. Sugar
  12. Flyin’ High
  13. Fucking 40
  14. So Hott
  15. Purple Sky
  16. Love The One You’re With (with Sheryl Crow)
  17. Collide (with Sheryl Crow)
  18. Picture(with Sheryl Crow)
  19. Bawitdaba
  1. All Summer Long
  2. Only God Knows Why
  3. Born Free

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