RIP Clarence Clemons

The saxophone is, without a doubt, my favorite instrument. Growing up in the 80’s, the radio was filled with songs that featured the instrument and I have always loved listening to the songs of Clarence Clemons. Whether he was playing with The Boss as part of his E Street Band or working with other artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jackson Browne, Ringo Starr, Michael Stanley, Lady Gaga, Gary U.S. Bonds or bands such as Great White or his own band, Temple of Soul, Clemons was an example of how great musicians can bend the rules and perform any genre of music if their heart desires.

Known affectionately as “Big Man” due to his size ( he stood 6’4″ and was an imposing figure standing next to Bruce who is only 5’10”), Clemons was considered to be the backbone of the E Street Band. It’s his tenor sax that many identify in many great songs, including “Born To Run,” “Dancing In The Dark,” and “Thunder Road.” I list “Born To Run” as one of MY personal favorite sax songs of all-time and he also performs in another personal favorite by The Michael Stanley Band, “He Can’t Love You.”

Clarence Clemons had so many fans and his passing has left a gaping hole in music today. He is one of the most recognizable solo saxophonists of our time and he will be missed greatly. Clemons passed on June 18th after complications from a stroke. He was only 69. Rest in peace, Big Man. Those of us who appreciate a great sax solo will look forward to hearing you again on the flip side…


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  1. a big loss to the music world (no pun intended)…He WAS the backbone of the E Street band, which was very evident when Bruce introduced the band… Clarence was always last, and always got the biggest audience reaction.

    RIP Clarence

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