Lenny Kravitz (Seattle_6.4.11)

Courtesy: Blethen Riffkin/Seattle Times

Being an opening act for the most successful rock tour of all-time might be daunting for some artists, but for Lenny Kravitz, getting funky in front of 65,000 fans didn’t seem to be an issue. With a scaled-back stage show that consisted of a horn section and 3 female backups, Kravitz commanded the stage and did his best to get the crowd pumped up, even when his earpiece seemed to be on the fritz and was obviously throwing him off a little bit.

His set list was a greatest hits collection that got the crowd fired up, even without all the pomp & circumstance that U2 would unleash immediately following. With a huge stage to fill and little to fill it with, Kravitz strolled around and courted the crowd to sing along. It was a great set and sounded fantastic and as he strolled off stage, obviously a little put off by the audio difficulties of his ear piece, he still seemed to have enjoyed himself and the crowd was satisfied as well.

The Set-List:

Come On & Get It
Always On The Run
It Ain’t Over (Til It’s Over)
Let Love Rule
American Woman
Fly Away
Are You Gonna Go My Way


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