30 Day Song Challenge: A Song I Listen To When I’m Angry

DAY 20: A Song I Listen To When I’m Mad

This day presents a small challenge in that I have a lot of “angry” songs I listen too. Sometimes they’re loud, sometimes it’s the lyrics that get me fired up, sometimes I just want to not have to think about anything. And there are many bands that could fit this description. Guns N Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, you name it. But the song I’m gonna go with is by one of the more volatile bands from this generation. Oasis became a band in 1991 and with the 2 Gallagher brothers leading the way, they managed to fight their way to the top with a slew of alternative rock hits through that decade up until 2009. Along the way there were so many rumors of fighting and bickering that it’s a wonder the band lasted 2 years, let alone 18. But it did and they rock my world when I’m pissed off…especially their song “My Big Mouth” from the 1997 album, “Be Here Now.” Here it is…in all its supersonic glory!


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