30 Day Song Challenge: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

DAY 13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

I’m not even lying when I say that my list for this particular category is extremely long. There are so many songs that many would find to be “guilty” pleasures that I had to really think long and hard about which one to choose. I finally came to the conclusion that it had to be an artist who has long been obscure and who has been vilified as an artist. So who better for those 2 categories than Richard Marx? In the late 80’s/early 90’s, Marx became the first artist ever to have his first 7 singles make it to the Billboard Top 5. He sold over 30 million records and has written many popular songs for other artists that have gone on to be hits. My personal favorite (and my guilty pleasure) is “Should’ve Known Better” from his 1987 self-titled debut album. It reached #3 on the Billboard charts and has always been a favorite of mine for whatever reason.

Apparently Marx is still recording music to this day and has made some television appearances. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard any music by him since the early 90’s but that just makes him all that more interesting to me. So here is Richard Marx and “Should’ve Known Better.” For better or for worse, it’s one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs…


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