30 Day Song Challenge: A Song From A Band I Hate

DAY 12: A Song From A Band I Hate

Hate is a strong word. I don’t know that it really applies to music. I figure you don’t like something, you don’t listen to it. So to truly “hate” it, you’d have to be FORCED to listen to it and I can honestly say that no one has ever forced me to listen to anything I didn’t want to so with that being said…

If there was ever a band I didn’t “get” it’s this hippy band from the 60’s, the Grateful Dead. Oh…I get the drugs and the mellow out and “Peace Baby” concept but seriously…listening to ‘shroom-induced 25 minute psychedelic jams ain’t my cup of tea. But there are millions out there who DO get it and so…I wish them all the best. The Grateful Dead are more known for their live performances than their “hits”, but I’ve always thought this particular song is way over-rated. So here is The Grateful Dead’s “Casey Jones.” Not necessarily my most HATED band but definitely one that you won’t find on my IPhone at any time…


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