30 Day Song Challenge: A Song I Can Dance To

DAY 9 – A Song I Can Dance To

Oh yeah…I used to be able to dance. I could do “The Robot” and “The Running Man” and I could moonwalk and “lock & pop” and do “The Caterpillar” (even though it kinda hurts the man parts, if ya know what I’m sayin’) and I loved to dance when I was younger. Now? Well…let’s just say I’ve slowed down a bit. However when I USED to dance, I always loved dancing to this song. Bobby Brown was a member of the band “New Edition” in the 80’s and towards the end of that decade he went out on his own and released this sweet little dance track that has a catchy beat and a slick rap towards the end. I know all the words and when I hear it these days I can’t help but smile and do a little “lockin” like in the old days…


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