Uh-Oh…It’s Magic!

If you’re a child of the 80’s, odds are good you grew up listening to the new wave band, The Cars. After getting their start in Columbus, Ohio in 1977, the band, fronted by lanky vocalist, Ric Ocasek, had hit after hit and went on to become one of the more prolific bands of that generation. With songs like “Moving In Stereo,” “Just What I Needed,” “You Might Think,” “Magic,” My Best Friend’s Girl,” “Magic,” and so on, the band was a hit machine for over a decade.

After breaking up in 1988, the band went their separate ways and a reunion was thought to be out of the question. According to Wikipedia, in 1997 Ocasek was quoted as saying, “I’m saying never and you can count on that.” Well…hell hath frozen over and now the remaining band members are talking comeback!

In 2000, vocalist/guitarist Benjamin Orr passed away and 2 of the original bandmates of The Cars attempted a comeback with a band called “The New Cars” in 2005 with Todd Rundgren, but without Ocasek the idea of a true reunion was null & void…until now.

So now Rolling Stone is reporting that a new album is in the works and a tour is possible following. Can I just say that this will be a must-see show for me. Much like The Police, who went on tour a few years ago, The Cars are one of those bands that I listened too on repeat for my entire youth and seeing them live (even without Benjamin Orr) will be a treat. With so many songs that fans love and with a frontman as interesting as Ocasek, it should be a “sold out at every stop” event.

23 years is a long time to be gone and I’m sure there might be a little rust, but for MY money, you can’t go wrong with a classic band with the kind of stage experience that this band has. Let’s just hope they can come to grips with whatever conflicts they might have had in the past and this thing comes together. It really will be an event for old guys like me! 🙂

Remember this one…?


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