Dave Matthews Band (New Orleans_9.9.10)

Ok…ok…so maybe it wasn’t a full blown concert like the show I saw back in the mid-90’s…but it WAS a performance that I’ll remember for a couple of reasons. First off…it was the NFL 2010 Kickoff in Jackson Square, New Orleans. It was hot and humid and I swear it felt like I lost 10 pounds of water by the time it was done. I was standing just to the right of the stage, close to Dave’s sax player, and was able to see the entire performance up close & personal. Turning the camera the other way, the Square looked like this…

So the crowd was rockin’ as DMB broke out 2 of MY favorite tracks from their album that they released early last year. Performing only “Shake Me Like A Monkey” and “Why I Am” for a national television audience (Bob Costas intro’ed the band from a stage above me), the spectacle of the evening hit a high note as the sun set and DMB segued from “Why I Am” into Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House” complete with fireworks and the usual New Orleans flair on-stage. It was an outstanding performance and the band couldn’t have sounded any better, especially in that heat and with Dave wearing all black.

Two more things to mention about this show and this band…I got to watch the mic check the day before, minus all the fans, as DMB ran through their set. That was pretty cool! And then I saw Dave Matthews in the tv compund before their performance (DMB followed Taylor Swift in an NFL double-bill) where he took pictures with a couple of fans. He seemed to be happy to do so, even taking the camera at one point and taking a picture of himself and his fans at arms length. Good to see the man hasn’t lost perspective!


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