Ear Nuggets: Angus Rips Us A New One In “Thunderstruck”

Oh how I love me some AC/DC. Doesn’t matter where or when, just throw on “Back In Black” and I’m a happy man. But if I were to choose my FAVORITE AC/DC song…”Thunderstruck” might be it. Released during my college days back in 1990, this track is easily one of my favorite memories.

My story goes like this…my college radio station (I was the program director that year) didn’t get a promotional copy of “Thunderstruck”, so someone recorded it off a rock station from another city and brought it in. We dubbed it off and ran it off cart (which sounded like crap but who cares?!? It was AC/DC!!!) until we finally got a copy of the CD. It was in heavy rotation for weeks and we played the hell out of it! And the guitar solo at the beginning pretty much defines my college radio career…

If you REALLY want to hear it loud, the live version on their double-disk set is my favorite. It starts with a low rumble, you can hear the crowd chanting “Angus” for a few seconds and then…out of nowhere…you hear the guitar. And it just keeps getting louder & louder. Truth be told, I blew the speakers in my last car playing this live version at full volume. It’s the loudest song in my arsenal when I’m driving and it’s easily one of my favorite rock songs ever!  Still…to this day…whenever I hear that guitar riff I crank it up. Don’t care if my kids are in the car, don’t care if my mom is in the car, don’t care if the President is in my car. I hear that, I crank it up. Here’s the video from MTV many, many years ago. Crank it and enjoy!


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