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Traveling with a professional baseball team leaves me with a lot of time to listen to a lot of new music and lately I have been a downloading MANIAC! So here are some new tracks that are burning up my earbuds as I travel from city to city. Phoenix, Los Angeles & San Francisco will never be the same…

Anberlin – “Impossible” (rock)
A good summer rock track. Maybe a little too light to be considered “rock”, but pop rock would probably be the best description. It’s light & easy pop rock. There…better?

Usher – “Stranger” (R&B)
I don’t know what to think of Usher these days. On one hand he’s a budding superstar, on the other he’s a mess. I wasn’t impressed with “Raymond vs Raymond” but the deluxe edition includes a few HAWT tracks and I really like this one. Also check out the sexy “Lingerie”!!!

JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys – “If You Let Me” (rock)
Rock out with legendary Chrissie Hynde & JP Jones! Who needs LeBron James when Hynde is a rock legend? Right Akron? This track is awesome!

Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” & “Teenage Dream” (pop)
Gee…wonder which one will be released first after the post-“California Gurl” phenom dies down? Either way, BOTH are excellent pop tracks. Go get ’em both!

Brad – “Oh My Goodness” (rock)
Love it when this band rocks out on the guitar. With members of Seattle grungers Pearl Jam & Pigeonhed on board, how can they NOT rock?

Black Mountain – “Old Fang” (rock)
Straight from the 70’s, Black Mountain sounds like they hopped in the Tub Machine and zipped back a few decades! Trippy and I’m sure it’ll be HUGE among the college set.

Chris Rea – “The Road To Hell” (blues/rock)
I admit, when I heard this, I thought it was Mark Knopfler. And that is the ultimate compliment! Turns out Rea has been around for some time and this is one of his best known hits. Go check it out, especially if you’re a fan of the steel guitar.

Hans Zimmer – “Time” (instrumental)
Featured in the movie “Inception”, this track is shattering in the way it reaches a pinnacle and then backs off to a soft, soul-searching ending. Love it.

Matthew Dear – “Slowdance” (alternative)
Interesting track. Hard to pinpoint exactly what the influence is but I’ll say it’s a slow rock with electronic edges. I really dig it! Something new & refreshing!

T.I. – “Ya Hear Me” (rap)
Now he’s outta jail and ready to take on all posers. This track is SMOKIN’ HOT! Will definitely be on my Best Of at the end of the year! Crank it up and wind down the windows so you can piss of the neighbors!

Mike Phillips – “Fallin'” (jazz)
Soft sax jazz track with a little vocal help from Natalie Stewart. Easy to listen to and I’m ALWAYS good for a little sweet sax!

Mike Posner – “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” (pop)
The dude who brought us the cool summer smash “Better Than Me” kicks it soul style with this ditty about…uh…gettin’ bizah!!! I predict a hit with this one!

Rehab – “Oh My” (rock)
With a southern tinge and a sweet bassline, Rehab kicks it in gear with this awesome track. If you like bands like Kings Of Leon or MuteMath (which I do), check out this band!

Never Shout Never – “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” (alt-pop)
This could be a pop hit. Slow love song with a simple composition but effective in its message. I like it!

Ludacris – “Sexting” (rap)
OMG!!! This track is AWESOME!!! Dunno how I missed it, considering Luda’s “Battle Of The Sexes” was released months ago. LMAO! If you like a little humor with your rap, this track is perfect. I HIGHLY recommend this one! Will have you shakin’ your ass all the way to sex addiction class!

Ryan Star – “Breathe” (pop rock)
You’ll probably hear this song on commercials, on television shows and all over the place. Slow and melodic, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before but effective in it’s simplistic pop rock stance.

Trey Songz – “Say Aah” (rap)
Originally released last year, I went searching for a good workout song and I found this little gem. It’ll have you bouncing and shaking your ass all over the place!


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