Iration’s “Time Bomb”

You know how every now and then you buy an album and it just works for your frame of mind at the time? Well…THIS album was that way for me. A friend recommended this band to me (thanks Suzanne!) and if I were to try to describe it, I would have to call it simply pop reggae. In the same vein as Pepper (who they opened for during a previous tour) or any number of California beach bands, Iration hasn’t been around long, but they’ve been making some waves in the reggae community…and rightfully so.

With all of it’s members hailing from Hawaii, Iration spent most of its early days performing in southern California. After releasing a well-received EP in 2006, they hit the road and created a following for themselves. Then in 2007, they released “No Time For Rest” and went on a tour with Pepper (one of MY favorite bands of the genre). Earlier this year, they released “Time Bomb” and I gotta tell you…it’s pretty much a perfect pop album.

First off…there’s not a truly bad track on it. From the outstanding opening title track to the last track on the album appropriately titled “The End”, “Time Bomb” is as complete an album as you’ll ever find. It’s a perfectly blended pop concoction that goes easy with a cold beer on a warm summer night or aboard a crowded plane. It’s relaxing and easy to listen to and it came along at an extremely busy time in my life and it has been perfect for plane flights, long drives or just hanging in my hotel room.

If you are looking for a great summertime album that is chock full of great pop songs, check out Iration’s “Time Bomb.” It’s excellent and right now…it’s high on my “Favorite Albums of 2010” list!


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