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Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless has apparently heard the latest from The Dream…

Wow…when the summer season slams on the brakes, it REALLY slams on the brakes! It’s been a few weeks since my last post because, quite frankly, I haven’t been all that impressed with what’s been coming out. High profile acts like Drake & Sheryl Crow didn’t impress me at all and there have been a few artists who have shown moments of brilliance (M.I.A. & Eminem) and then others who have just plain stunk it up. Here’s the ones that I think are actually pretty damn good…

Eminem feat. Rihanna – “Love The Way You Lie” (rap)
A track about abusive relationships, Em has something to say and he says it loud & clear. Never one to mince words, Shady is at his best here and Rihanna’s vocal makes this an instant classic. Download it now. And you can also get “Talkin’ 2 Myself” while you’re at it ’cause it’s excellent also. And “W.T.P”…just because. Or just download the whole damn thing and save yourself some time.

Free Energy – “Bang Pop” (pop)
A fluffy pop song for the summer that isn’t by Katy Perry? Yep. Dunno who this band is but I like this track!

Francis And The Lights – “Darling, It’s Alright” (alternative)
In the same mold as “The Fray”, this track has just enough energy to keep you bouncing even though the lyrics are sad and well-written. I dig it…but it has to be your frame of mind.

Wild Nothing – “My Angel Lonely” (alternative)
Ahhh…the 80’s. And this band comes off sounding like so many of the mid to late 80’s goth bands that pollute soundtracks today. But I really like this song and I like the fact that Wild Nothing don’t try to hide the fact that they DO sound like Jesus & Mary Chain…and that makes them pretty damn cool!

Maximum Balloon – “Tiger” (fuzz rock)
The guitarist & producer of TV On The Radio, Dave Sitek,  busts his groove out for this funky track. Not anything I haven’t heard from his “other” band, but still pretty damn good!

M.I.A. – “Believer” (alternative)
This track has got all kinds of sex appeal. M.I.A. is hot right now and after listening to and downloading several tracks from her latest release “Maya”, THIS is my favorite. I imagine at some point it will be remixed to a little faster beat, but I like it just like this…slow & sexy. If you like a little noisier and a little faster, also check out “Tequilla” or “Xxxo.” I also purchased “Born Free”, but it’s more punk than it is anything, so if that’s your bag, then you might dig it!  But seriously…M.I.A. is an acquired taste anyways so…proceed with caution!

Ana Tijoux – “1977” (Rap)
It was ITunes’ freebie last week and I didn’t expect much when I got it but I gotta tell you…it’s all in Spanish & it’s HOT! I used it in my spin mix last week and several people commented on it. I gotta go check out more of her stuff but this track is DEFINITELY worth .99!

Jack Johnson – “At Or With Me” (pop)
Maybe it’s just me but I’m not a big fan of Johnson. But a lot of people REALLY like him and I figured I had to get SOMETHING off his new album so here ya go. It’s a little more uptempo for Jack and if you’re a fan, you’ll love it.

Sky Sailing – “A Little Opera Goes A Long Way” (pop)
I dunno…this song is…okay. Look…I know that “Fireflies” was a big hit, but now there seems to be a glut of bands that sound like Owl City. But whatever. I still kind of like this on a summer’s walk with the neighbors waving hello and the sweat dripping down the back of my shirt. It’s summer pop. And that’s cool!

Greg Laswell – “Take Everything” (pop)
I think I’ve mentioned several times how much I like Laswell and this track is another great song by him. Come to think of it, you could probably download all of “Take A Bow” and not be disappointed. Just sayin’…

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs – “Beg Steal Or Borrow”
I’m sensing a trend here. Another light & easy track. Must have been my mood that night. Anyway, LaMontagne fans are just as rabid as Jack Johnson fans and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint them! I really like it and it has this easy 70’s feel to it. Check it out!

Big Boi – “Daddy Fat Sax” (rap)
This album has been getting all kinds of accolades and I honestly haven’t been in a rap mood lately but THIS track grabbed my ear right away. Big Boi shows why he doesn’t NEED Andre 3000 to lay down a hot track. Very hot!

The Dream – “Panties To The Side” (rap)
Ok…so let’s start out by saying…this is NOT for the kids. But if you’re feelin’ frisky, this is one dope beat with a lot of sexual innuendo and plenty of bravado. The Dream is smoking hot as a producer but here he shows WHY he’s considered such a talent. Doubt this one will get airplay but still…it’s HAWT!!! Go get it now!

Dragonette – “Pick Up The Phone” (alternative)
Another band that wears the 80’s on it’s sleeve, this song reminds me of Missing Persons or Berlin. Very catchy and I’m hoping the soon to be release album is as good as this track!

Stars – “Fixed” (alternative)
I know I’ve heard other bands that sound like this, but for some reason, as I type this, they all escape me. But the familiarity makes this half the reason I like it so much. Then I looked it up and now I see WHY it sounds familiar. All the members are from the band Broken Social Scene. So there ya go.

The Pretty Reckless – “Goin’ Down” (rock)
Sounding a lot like Spinnerette from last year, this band is fronted by Cindy Lou Who. Seriously. Lead singer Taylor Momsen played the little tot that had her tree stolen by the Grinch in the Jim Carrey classic (or not). Needless to say, she ain’t so sweet & innocent in this song. And it’s AWESOME! Love this one!

Macy Gray – “Kissed It” (R&B)
Is there another artist with a voice as unique as Gray out there right now? And apparently she couldn’t get any superstar producer to work with her so she did it on her own and made her latest album “The Sellout” without doing just that. Here she takes a driving beat and thumbs her nose at the naysayers. This track is pretty cool and I like Gray. You go girl!

CLASSIC OLDIE OF THE WEEK: Mel Waiters – “Got My Whiskey” (1997 – Soul)
I got a group of friends that LOVE this song and I hope you love it as much as we do. Mel sings about having a good time,  letting his troubles go and drinking whiskey…of course. It’s old skool soul and it makes me wanna dance everytime I hear it! Go download it right now and tell me Mel ain’t talkin’ the trooth!


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