In Defense Of Justin Beaver

Dude…the kid has a boombox just like mine!

Here’s what I used to know about Justin Bieber: he’s a young singer. He’s popular with teens. He’s got perfectly wrapped hair.

That was it. Hell…I didn’t even know how to spell his name!

Until THIS incident happened and then I was forced to find out more about him. Well…actually I was FORCED to buy a t-shirt with his image on it. Then I was forced to buy his latest song. And then another. And then another. And ya know what? Truthfully…it’s not that bad!

Look…I can appreciate a good pop song as much as anyone. I grew up listening to pop music in the 80’s. I admittedly enjoyed music by Billy Ocean, Bryan Adams, The Go-Go’s, Huey Lewis and a gaggle of other artists that can be considered “pop music.” So when a kid comes along today that seems wholesome enough, my kids like it and it’s got a good beat…I kinda dig it. Plus…I can’t imagine we’re gonna see him tramping around New York in his underwear like some OTHER artists out there (cough cough Lady Gagag) or singing about his woohoo (cough cough Xtina) or rappin’ about smacking bitches and kicking that meth habit (cough cough…uh…Eminem). Justin Bieber seems to be, for all intent and purposes, a really nice kid who is making a living doing what he enjoys doing. Along with artists like Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus (who may or may not be on her way to “Britney-ville”), Bieber is simply the latest creation of producers who have taken a kid with talent, produced a good group of pop songs, and have marketed it to a particular group of teens who are maybe a little more sheltered. Oooor maybe they are marketing Bieber to a group of parents who would rather their kids be listening to songs about puppy love and “looking for that special someone” instead of panties and woohoos and meth habits?

I dunno.

But whatever. Fact of the matter is…Justin Bieber is this generations Leif Garrett. I compared him to the entire group of kids in New Edition the other day when my wife and I were talking about him. He’s a pinup boy that pre-teens and early teenagers can listen to and parents don’t have to worry about his image or what he might say or what hooker he might do. I’ve seen him in a couple of interviews and he seems like a really nice kid. And don’t we wish that ALL singers and could be so nice and perfectly coiffed?

So lay off The Beaver people! My daughter & son think he’s the cat’s meow and I gotta be honest…I kinda like his new single. If there is a catchier tune than “Somebody To Love” out there right now I’ll eat the latest edition of Billboard magazine! Or Teen Beat. Whichever.

Oh…and just an FYI…Bieber was signed to Island Records and is produced by Usher (who makes an appearance on “Somebody To Love” that is on pop radio. Seriously Usher…get YOUR material right before screwing up someone elses!). So I imagine he’ll be singing about late-night hookups and getting it Snoop-doggy style any day now. And then there will be another kid who comes along to take his place and the cycle will continue. It’s the way it has always been and it won’t stop with The Beav. So I’m gonna enjoy his music while it lasts. I figure if the worst thing that I can take away from some of his music is the sound of my daughter singing along to his latest song in the backseat of my car, that will make him one of MY favorite singers for a long time to come. So I’m gonna crank it up and jam with The Beav. Not because I HAVE to…but because it’s really not that bad…for pop music.

And you can stop laughing now.


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