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The Black Keys…oooor Buddy Holly & Kurt Cobain? You decide.

I dunno about you…but I’ve been really busy here lately, working my butt to the bone, trying to make a living. Haven’t had much time to go downloading music really. Oh wait…yes I have! I just haven’t had time to BLOG about it! So here ya go…a LOT of new tunes for your work week…

Greg Laswell – “In Front Of Me” (pop)
Laswell is an under appreciated artist that I tend to drift towards whenever I’m in a melancholy mood. Here he doesn’t disappoint with another classic track that is simple and effective. I just think he has an unusual voice. Something a little different from most artists today.

Sons Of Sylvia – “Love Left To Use” (pop)
These guys sang this song on American Idol at some point and I kinda thought it was pretty good. Then I downloaded it and now I hear it’s just basic pop. But still it’s GOOD “basic pop”. A sing-song chorus reminds me of Bon Jovi.

Stereophonics – “She’s Alright” & “Wonder” (alternative)
LOVE these songs! Great for cruising or your workout and they both have a great beat. This band is almost too hip for it’s bad self…

M.I.A. – “URAQT” (rap)
This older track is cool for one basic reason: M.I.A. samples the “Sanford & Sons” theme song. Seriously. And it’s AWESOME! LOL

Minus The Bear – “The Thief” (alternative)
Funky track that has a sweet bassline and  will have you bobbin’ your head and tappin’ your fingers.

Ratt – “Don’t Let Go” (hair metal)
And here I thought these guys had disappeared. Turns out they were just hiding under that rock over there, waiting to peak out and bite ya! This track is a return to form for the 80’s hair metal staples.

The Hold Steady – “The Smidge” (rock)
So I bought the album by one of the best live bands you’ll ever see and it hasn’t disappointed me yet (I haven’t gotten through the whole thing yet. Gotta find some time…). This track is load in all the right places with Craig Finn’s gravely vocals. With this band, you gotta listen to the lyrics to get why they’re so unique…

Alpha Rev – “When Did I Wake Up?” (alternative)
I’m thinking this could have been a country song…but it’s not. Nice alt-pop track that is easy to listen to and works great in the background. Not a glowing recommendation, I know, but not every song needs to be in my face for me to enjoy it!

Game featuring Justin Timberlake – “Ain’t No Doubt About It” (pop/rap)
Anything with JT is gonna sell and this track is SMOKIN’ HOT. Buy it now and see for yourself. Any song that includes a reference to the swine flu and makes it sound cool is worth your $1.39.

Delta Spirit – “Bushwick Blues” (rock)
Where has THIS band been hiding? This single is awesome! Apparently they had an album out in 2008 that I totally missed. Well now they have a new album ready to drop and if this song is any indication, they could be this year’s Kings Of Leon. Great song…go get it.

N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado – “Hot-n-Fun” (pop/rap)
A good workout track but nothing to get too excited about. It’s kind of repetitive but the funky bassline is cool and Nelly sounds great!

LCD Soundsystem – “Drunk Girls” (alternative)
This could have been a song off the latest Violent Femmes album. Quirky and jumpy and I love the lyrics! A great college tune!

Erik Hassle – “Hurtful”(pop)
The ITunes Freebie this week is a nice track. Guaranteed to be played on Top 40 radio within the next 3 weeks. Go get it while it’s free! And if you are liking this track, I also downloaded (not for free though) “”Wanna Be Loved”. I honestly like it better than the freebie. This guy should be huge for Top 40. Let’s wait and see what happens…

Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars” (alternative)
I call it alternative but I’m not sure what this is. It’s got guitars and cheerleaders and a driving beat and handclaps. It’s a hot mess and it’s a thrillride! Go check it out and see what you think!

Plants & Animals – “The Mama Papa” (alternative)
This is a MUST HAVE! Great song with an old school alternative feel. Just new enough and yet familiar. Can’t place who they remind me of though. Will have to keep listening…

Jamie Lidell – “Completely Exposed” (blues rock)
This is a fascinating song and one of my favorite downloads this year! Lidell has a unique voice and this track is chock full of unique qualities. I can’t even discribe it. It bounces from slow to fast to middle of the road. Go get it now!

Crash Test Dummies – “And It’s Beautiful” (pop)
Remember “Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm” from back in the 90’s? Oooor do you just want to forget you ever heard it? Well…the CTD are back and this is a great song! Yes…the baritone voice of Brad Roberts can be a little much, but it works wonderfully with this song. I think you’ll like it.

Avenged Sevenfold – “Nightmare” (metal)
A new track from a band that I don’t normally listen too but this one intrugued me and with the death of Ronnie James Dio, I was in a headbanger mood. A cross between Metallica and…um…Guns N Roses? Whatever…it rocks if you like this sort of thing!

The Black Keys – “Next Girl” (alternative blues rock)
With a funky beat and a howl, the Keys are a force to be taken seriously. This track is a sweet combo of alt/rock/blues and it thumps along at a solid pace. Dan Auerbach’s vocals are solid as usual and his guitar work is blues at its best.

The Soft Pack – “C’Mon” (alternative)
A fun song with not a lot of weight. It ain’t heavy and it reminds me of The Virgins from a couple of years ago. It’s got a retro vibe to it and I dig it!

Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull – “I Like It” (pop)
Uh…this one sucks. He rips off “Telephone” by Lady Gaga almost note for note and then it the refrain steals from Lionel Ritchie? A 5th grader could have written this because the lyrics are so awful. But I imagine this one will be on Top 40 radio any day now also…

Crystal Bowersox – “Midnight Train To Georgia”
Lee DeWyze – “The Boxer”
Crystal & Lee – “Falling Slowly”

Of all the songs performed on Idol this year, these 2 artists are the only ones who have made their performances sound different & unique. These 3 tracks are a little of what we can look forward to when they get into a studio for the first time. I know I’m looking forward to it!

Annnnd that’s it. Hope you got your credit card handy….


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