Ear Nuggets: The Calm Before The Storm At 2:45 In John Butler Trio’s “Close To You”

My favorite song so far this year (granted it’s only May) is John Butler Trio’s “Close To You.” It’s a classic rock song with lots of guitar and drums. I love the lyrics as well (as will you if you have a job that keeps ya hoppin’) and it just works for me. Anyways, at about 2:30 into the song, there is a guitar solo that is excellent but then at 2:45 it transitions into a slower drum solo with some background guitar work which slowly builds into a furious drum that hits it’s peak and then the song picks up again. It’s an awesome bridge that always makes me crank up the song even louder and has me tapping my fingers to the drums. Check it out when you get a chance and see if you don’t agree! Just a warning…if you get motion sickness, you might wanna just check out the song on ITunes. This video is NUTS! LOL


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