Kim’s Kick-Ass Workout Mix

To celebrate the release of the film “Kick Ass” in theatres nationwide, I am celebrating by mixing up a kick ass workout mix for my blogger friend Kim from Seattle. Kim likes to give me a little crap from time to time (okay…ALL the time), so for her…I’ll go that extra mile to make sure she gets a good workout. Hope ya like it Kim…and remember…when your ears start to bleed and your heart rate is maxed out…ya got me to thank for it!

Let’s get started with a little tune that is featured on the “Kick Ass” soundtrack, shall we?

1. Primal Scream – “Can’t Go Back” (alternative rock)
You can start your workout with this little ditty. Why bother stretching and warming up when you can jump right into it?

2. The Dirtbombs – “I Hear The Sirens” (alternative rock)
No time to slow down…just keep right on rockin’. Maybe throw some Kegel’s in there for good measure?

3. Fort Minor – “In Stereo” (rap)
Hit the running machine for this one. I dare you to keep pace with the bass line in this one. No wait…don’t. It might kill ya…

4. The Pretenders – “The Wait” (classic rock)
Oh…you can’t do that! Mix a classic rock song in…oh wait…THIS song will KICK YOUR ASS! Chrissie RAWKS!

5. Eminem – “Medicine Ball” (rap)
So you think you can work the balls? The WORKOUT balls Kim…geez. Well then throw in THIS track and I guarantee it will not only offend but it will have you rockin’ your abs…

6. Heavy D & The Boyz – “Don’t Curse” (rap)
Oh I know the burn is getting you down…but DON’T CURSE! Heavy D says not too…

7. LL Cool J – “Baby” (rap)
It ain’t a true workout mix without the best bod in rap. LL kicks this thing to a new level with this track. Don’t even try stopping now…’cause we’re just now getting started…

8. AC/DC – “Big Jack” (rock)
Angus & crew know what it takes to make a workout special. Maybe a little Jack to get ya through?

9. Guns N Roses – “Shackler’s Revenge” (rock)
Let’s take it back to when you were young and feeling so full of energy? Remember that? Well…now imagine feeling that way again with Axel Rose screaming in your face!! That’s where you are during THIS track…

10. Beyonce – “Videophone” (R&B)
Are you kidding? Get down on the floor and do some crunches to this one. It will grind you into submission.

11. The Chemical Brothers – “Galvanize” (electronic)
Done with crunches? Hit the weights. Arm curls to this will start the burn.

12. Devo – “Uncontrollable Urge” (alternative)
Time for some bench presses? Nah…wait for those…let’s get some arm presses in first. This one works with bench dips and tricep pushdowns. Wuss.

13. Henry Goss – “Shannon” (pop)
Because at this point you’re feeling like crying. This song will help a bit. And then…

14. J Kwon – “Tipsy” (rap)
Enough of the whining beyotch! Bench presses! Let’s go, ya big baby…

15. John Lee Hooker, Jr – “Boom Boom” (blues)
Time to do some leg presses. Yeah I know…you’re only supposed to work certain muscle groups every other day. Whatever. Get to it!

16. Lil Kim – “The Jump Off” (rap)
Still got some energy? Good…cause Kim likes to work ya out a lil. What should you do now? Maybe some cable woodchoppers? Sure…why not?

17. Miranda Lambert – “Gunpowder & Lead” (country)
Winding down a little? Hmmm…what to motivate? How about THIS track? Ya don’t like country? I bet you like this one. YOU pick the muscle group ya wanna work out…and get to it!

18. Joan Jett – “Bad Reputation” (rock)
Joan can rip with the best of ’em. This track will tear you up unless you keep up! Don’t let down yet! You’re almost done! Oh yeah…and this track is in the movie also…

19. Marilyn Manson – “The Beautiful People” (alternative rock)
So you think you’re winding down until that young, twenty-something with the rock hard buns strolls into the gym. And now you’re thinking you can do a few more reps. Let Marilyn help you channel that hatred…

20. Red Rider – “Lunatic Fringe” (rock)
Yeah…you worked it hard. Time to cool down a bit. This will do for some stretching. Nice job. You made it through…but there’s always tomorrow…



1 Comment

  1. Wuss, beyotch and you say I have a bad reputation? Dude, really? I am sending Chris to kick your ass. Seriously, you had me at Eminem. I just have one question, is that you in the homemade superhero costume? I’d pay to see that!

    And yes, I love black jelly beans! So?

    Thank you, there I said it.

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