Why Crystal Bowersox Needs To Be Booted From American Idol

How many seasons has American Idol been on the air? 9 seasons? And through all of it there has never been an artist like Crystal Bowersox. In an unassuming way, Crystal has taken an average season and elevated it to “superstar” status. She is the diamond in the rough and is easily the most consistant contestant EVER on American Idol.

You might be saying to yourself, “What about “enter your favorite former Idol winner here”? Well…I gotta tell you, none of them compare to Crystal in that Crystal has yet to have a bad night. Not one. She has even had bouts with laryingitis and a cold and STILL on those nights she has KILLED whatever song she has sung. I tune in just to watch her sing and if American Idol producers were smart, they would just put her at the end so that everyone had to watch the entire show. I know I would! The woman gives me goosebumps every time I hear her sing! Her renditions of classic rock staples are so progressive and consistent that no one can compete. Some might say Kelly Clarkson. Some might say Chris Doughtry. Or Carrie Underwood. Or Adam Lambert. Or any number of singers. But truthfully, no one has ever gone the entire season and not had at least one night off. Until now.

Crystal Bowersox is an amazing talent in that she is old school. She has such a unique voice and she knows how to use it. She also knows who she is and she doesn’t need anyone to “guide” her career. I have no doubt that she will go on to make amazing music once she gets past the “American Idol hand-holding” and I can’t wait to hear what her original music sounds like. At one point this season she became irritated with the judges when they told her that her rendition of an Alanis Morrissette song wasn’t “original” enough. She correctly pointed out that AI doesn’t allow performers to perform their own material, which is what makes the show a farce. If AI were a TRUE talent show, it would allow the performers to do their own material. That would allow America to choose a TRUE artist and not a karaoke hack like so many of them are.

The truth of the matter is…I kind of hope Crystal gets voted off just so she can begin her career sooner than later. If she gets voted off, she can start producing an album that SHE wants to produce, not something the AI producers want her to make. And that would be okay by her, I think. Seriously…no one has ever looked more uncomfortable making those ridiculous car commercial videos or participating in the silly dance numbers than Crystal. It’s not who she is. She is an “artist”…and she should be treated as such. American Idol is crimping her style.

So let’s hope America is smart and continues voting for Casey James or prom queen Katie Stevens or Aaron Kelly or Big Mike, all who are very good singers and who can definitely hit the right notes. All 4 of them can be the Idol but not Crystal. Crystal needs to be freed of all of this AI stupidity and allowed to get on with her career. And the sooner the better. Music needs more “goosebumps” artists out there and I can’t wait to hear what she gives us…even if it is old Morrissette renditions and Janice Joplin remakes…but I don’t think it will be.


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  1. Totally agree on this. The other day I was thinking what a travesty it would be if she didn’t win, and then I started thinking how horrible it would be if she did. What a crazy world.

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