Lady Gaga Is A Marketing Genius…And A Thief

For months now I’ve been arguing that Lady Gaga is nothing original. I’ve been “discussing” my feelings ad nauseum over on “A Round World” since over a year ago. If anything, she’s a thief, a recycler of ideas. Another example of her lack of originality appeared recently in the form of a video that is straight-up a ripoff of Quentin Tarintino. Her vision for her latest video called “Telephone” is what some might call an “homage” to the B-movies of the 70’s. It’s a long video and flashy with lots of skin and sexual innuendo. Not exactly a video for kids. However MTV is airing it (albeit edited for tv) and now anyone can watch it online.

So now I have to ask…what is it with this artist that everyone loves so much? I watched this video and it is nothing that hasn’t been done before (I actually found it to be hysterical. She looks absolutely retarded through most of it with pop cans in her hair and outfits that would make a martian blush). She’s wearing Madonna’s bra from the 1980’s. She’s stealing riffs from other songs. She’s oversampling her voice. Everyone argues that she writes her own songs. They say she has talent, that she studied music in New York, that she is a proficient piano player, that she is an outstanding pop influence. I don’t get it. I call “bullshit”. I rate her only as a marketing genious, because frankly everything else about her is fake. Her music has all been done before. Is it catchy? Yes. In some cases. I think “Bad Romance” might be one of the worst songs I’ve heard in years. But “Paparazzi” is catchy. So is “Telephone” for that matter. But it’s nothing that a generic artist like Ke$ha can’t do. It’s watered-down pop electronica. And it’s not all that good watered-down pop electronica.

So I’ve been arguing and trying to make my point. Everyone has been giving me crap about the fact that I won’t let it go. They say I spend to much of my time obsessing about this artist. But seriously…you can’t look anywhere without seeing her and her stupid outfits and ridiculous hair. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of her 5 hit songs that Clearchannel has apparently decided it needs to play in order to sell commercial time. People LOVE Lady Gaga. Or do they?

What is YOUR take on the Gaga? Have we ever seen someone who shows up at award shows dressed in balloons and muppet attire. Oh wait…that’s right…Bjork did it in 2001 when she arrived at the Oscars in a swan dress. Ok…then have you ever heard anything like her before. Oh wait…there are plenty of artists who are making this kind of music, from Kascade to Goldfrapp. Ok then…I’ve never SEEN anything like her before. Oh wait…there was a certain blonde singer in the 80’s & 90’s who used her sexuality as a sticking point and fired up critics with a book of images of her naked. All of the arguments over her sexuality seem to be what is keeping Gaga in the limelight. And maybe THAT is what has me so confused. Because I don’t really care about her sexuality. If she’s straight. Fine. If she’s gay. Fine. If she’s a hermaphrodite. Fine. I’m not having sex with her…so why do I care? What I care about is the music and the influence she has on teenagers. And in THAT realm…she’s a fake and a lousy role model.

Call her what you want but if she’s all that, then why does hide behind the synthesized sound? Why does she take her ideas from other artists? What is it about her that YOU like so much? Because I’ve been listening to the loonies over on my other site for months and it’s time to open up a more adult forum about this. Plus I got nothing better to do right now. So go at it. Gimme your thoughts on the Lady Gaga. Is she all hype with no substance or am I completely wrong and she’s the next best thing since sliced toast?

Aaaaaand go.



  1. Well, I’m not a huge fan (although I broke down and put her stuff on my iPod) but my wife is a HUGE fan. What she seems to like about Lady Gaga the fact she gives the appearance that she does whatever she wants, does very catchy songs, and women (my wife and co-workers included) love her confidence. She’s not the best looking pop star and she’s not the best dancer, but she doesn’t let that stop her from dancing and dressing like she is. No pop star is a perfect role model, but I’ll give Gaga props for being independent minded, uncompromising (at least giving the appearce of that), confident, strong woman. As far as her originality, she might be borrowing from multiple sources but the way she combines and changes them up is a bit unique, at least IMHO.

    • i’m a woman and i don’t find her appealing at ALL , i see her as a copycat and a hypocrite. first she says she’s against fur wearing,then wears raw meat, then she says on ;Larry king that she doesn’t like violence yet there is murder and dead bodies and blood in her vids and performances. then she has the nerve to tell eveyyone to be proud that they were “born this way” to be proud of how God made you, yet, she is a brunette, big nosed Italian girl named Stephanie who parades around with blonde hair and weird clothes,calling herself lady gaga, that’s not how God made her. she is a madonna wannabe yet claims originality , if that’s hypocrisy, what is?

      • I definitely agree with you on that Heather. I am a girl as well and all I personally is media trash. I may only be 21 years old but even I know what music. When music is just an audio repeat of the same sentence over and over again that isn’t music but only long chorus stuck on A>B repeat. The fact that she constant contradicts herself says a lot too. Gaga is just another phony and copy cat that’s taking money from fools .

  2. Oh snap. Akon just called your gal Xtina a thief…if this doesn’t lead to your angriest Gaga blog ever I’ll eat my hat.

    After hearing her first single from her upcoming new album…I have to agree with Akon. There’s nothing exciting about it. I’m thinking I’m gonna wait until the album drops before I get my panties in a bunch but as of this first single….I’m admittedly worried. lol

  3. Hi! I can muse for hours about how lady gaga is a total HACK but…I love the idea of starting a intelligent forum! I feel the same way you do, I wanted to make an anti lady gaga YouTube channel but I don’t have a laptop just an android phone for now. I have a cool name for the forum but I don’t want any one to take it!!! If you want to know my cool forum name you can leave me an email address and I could tell you what is!!!! if you decide to make a forum you can try!!!! Its free! :). ;so any way for people who say that “Okay gaga copied some people from a while ago get over it she does it better…your stuck in the past!” THE ANSWER: SHE MUST BE STUCK IN THE PAST TO, SHE KEEPS STEALING STUFF FROM OTHERS ACROSS THE AGES, LOL. for those who say “she writes her own stuff” THE ANSWER: ACTUALLY RedOne WRITES HER STUFF AND BEATS, LOL. IRONICLY IF YOU DON’T USE CAPITALIZATION ON RedOnes NAME IT SPELLS OUT “RE-DONE” 😀

  4. …And bands like freeze pop are like one milli times better than her/him(Gaga). I hope you start a forum, I need a hub for sanity…

    p.s: F**K AKON.

  5. Two words…Roisin Murphy. Lady GaGa TOTALLY ripped this girl’s style off! Only difference is…Lady GaGa is fucking troll and Roisin Murphy is attractive.

  6. I find her VMA performance to be WAAAAAAAAAAAY too similar to Emilie Autumn’s stage shows. Just sayin’

  7. Doesn’t every prominent music artist just rip off ( though some would prefer to say “stand on the shoulders of”) music and ideas from idols before them? Nearly nothing is original. It’s not a big deal.

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