Tunes From ITunes_3.11.10

They’re back and trippier than ever!

It’s time for March Madness! And I have been downloading tunes like the Mad Hatter, looking for all the cool new stuff that I can share with yinz guys (not from Pittsburgh…but I got friends who live there). Anyway…I’ve downloaded a few albums (one being Florence + The Machine. Read review HERE) and quite a few singles so let’s get to it!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Bad Blood” (rock)
Almost sounding like Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, frontman Peter Hayes does his best as this song grinds with “Jesus & Mary Chain” authority.

The Blue Van – “There Goes My Love” (alternative)
Poppy and catchy as hell, this track will be eating up time during my stops at the local gym. Excellent workout track!

Jamie Cullum – “We Run Things” (pop)
Funky like Jason Mraz yet with his own style, this jazz influenced, multi-instrumentalist has himself a catchy ditty here!

The Temper Trap – Science Of Fear” (alternative)
This is an excellent album and even though “Sweet Disposition” gets all the attention, this track is awesome! I need to do a review of “Conditions”. Remind me to do that soon…mmmmkay?

Kidz In The Hall – “Jukebox” (rap)
This is ITune’s freebie of the week. I thought it was Kanye West, but it’s not. Instead it’s 2 buddies from Penn University who hook us up with a cool dance number. Unfortunately, the rest of the album isn’t as good but this track is definitely worth the FREE price!

The Dirty Heads – “Hip Hop Misfits” (rap)
Coming across as Beastie Boys wannabe’s, this rap/reggae band is kind of screwy in that their album is a mish-mosh of the 2 genres. Personally, I like their rap stuff best, and this is the best of them all!

Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You” (alternative)
With their last release, “The Midnight Organ Fight”, this Scottish band came roaring at me. Their latest release is just as good and this song kicks some serious butt! I love it and it will probably be one of my favorites of this year…

Barenaked Ladies – “Every Subway Car” (pop)
Um…what is going on here? This track comes across as very serious and I don’t know if I love it, but I definitely like it. It’s just not what I expected. But I’d buy BNL doing barnyard noises anyway so…

Gorillaz – “Superfast Jellyfish” (???)
I’m not even sure what to call this…it’s poppy with rap and De La Soul has collaborated  on this track so I bought it. It’s “trip hop” at it’s best!

Isles & Glaciers – “Empty Sighs & Wine” (alternative)
This has got some mad crazy beats going on all wrapped around an interesting rock track. I totally dig it and I went looking and apparently Isles & Glaciers is a supergroup with members from the bands that I know nothing about. Needless to say, this track rocks. As for the other bands? Who knows? Go check out Wikipedia and see if YOU have ever heard of them…

CLASSIC OLDIE OF THE WEEK: Digital Underground – “Kiss You Back” (rap)
I’m in an old skool rap mood with spring right around the corner and this track is hip and fun. Humpty Hump ramps up the silliness and this track WILL get stuck in your head. Just a warning…


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