“Imma Be” VS “Bad Romance”

Through all my years, I’ve heard plenty of bad music before. I’ve survived everything from Starland Vocal Band to Skinny Puppy. But here lately, pop radio has hit an all-time low with these songs that seriously make me want to stick a hot poker in my ears. I can’t recall there EVER being such terrible music on NON-STOP on the radio in all my days. I cannot get into my car, turn on the radio and NOT hear either of these god-awful songs being played on ClearChannel station A, B, C, D or E. It’s gotten SO obnoxious that I felt I HAD to write about it. And this is where YOU get to play along.

So…which one SUCKS more?

I mean, they are both terrible. From the opening “Ra Ra Ra” cheer of “Bad Romance” to the opening “Imma be (repeat 300 times)” of “Imma Be”, there is very little redeeming about either song. Except for possibly the catchy refrain of “Bad Romance”, I would go so far as to say there has never been 2 worst songs on pop radio. And I might be wrong there. I’m sure, through the years, there HAD to have been 2 songs that charted on Billboard’s Top 100 that sucked, but I wonder if they ever got the airplay of these 2 songs combined?

So VOTE now! And unlike American Idol, it doesn’t cost you a dime. Just post your feelings in my comment section and together maybe we can start a revolution! NO MORE CRAPPY MUSIC!!! It’s OVER already! Let’s move on!

And a message to Clear Channel…PLEASE MAKE IT STOP?!?!  If you’ve been trapped under a large rock for the last 4 months, here are these 2 songs in all their glory. But a disclaimer: I take no responsibility if this noise makes you want to leap screaming from the nearest skyscraper.

I considered it…but I have kids.

Ugh…just awful…



  1. I am seriously considering embarking on a music writing career. I mean seriously, if “Imma Be” is a smash hit, then surely I can create some magical, meaningless crap too.

  2. It’s amazing such great information can still be found on the internet. I have saved this website and will be coming back for more. Great job and keep up the excellent work!

  3. “Imma be” is not as bad as “bad romance” BAD ROMANCE SUCKS. FREEZE POP “SUPER SPRODE” FTW.

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