Ear Nuggets: The Guitar Solo In Powderfinger’s “Love Your Way”

I LOVE great alternative guitar rock. And the one thing that is constant in guitar rock is the guitar solo. And if I had to pick one great guitar solo that makes me want to crank the knob to 11 and play air guitar til my fingers bleed it’s Powderfinger’s “Love Your Way”. If you’ve never heard this song, you should get to a music site nearest you and download it right this second! Because at 2:56 into it, there is the sweetest guitar solo EVER! It is awesome and I have completely worn out this track on my IPod. 

Seriously…it’s THAT good! Here is a live performance of the song! Enjoy!


1 Comment

  1. God that song is so good!!! I had never heard it before, so thanks for posting this. Downloaded!

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