Tunes From ITunes_2.25.10

Welcome! This is the first appearance of Tunes From ITunes here on “Music Makes The World Go Round”. If I might say so, this category was HUGE on my OTHER site and so I figured, with the shear amount of downloading that I do, I might as well share with whoever else might be reading this. You will get a sense of my taste in music and my buying habits. Normally I buy about a CD a month with the rest being singles. ITunes IS my choice of purchase however I still head out to Best Buy on occasion to buy the latest & the greatest. Anyway, enough with the blabbering, let’s get to it. I always suggest heading over to ITunes and sampling these tracks first. You never know what I might be in the mood for and then you end up with Celtic thrash or something ridiculous like that…

Dommin – “My Heart, Your Hands” (rock)
This is the ITunes freebie of the week. Not a bad track and the entire album, “Love Is Gone”, sounds pretty good! I also downloaded (not for free) “Tonight” and I might just end up getting the entire thing. The lead singer, Kristofer Dommin, has a unique, Morrissey-ish voice and the tracks all sound pretty cool. This is an excellent track to begin with!

Jaicko – “Fast Forward” (Top 40)
I heard this track on Top 40 radio and had to have it. Good pop with a good beat and fun to listen to! Not gonna break any new ground but still catchy as hell and worth the price. Oooor you can just listen for it on your pop music station of choice…

Cypress Hill (feat. Tom Morello) – “Rise Up” (Alternative Rock)
This song kicks ass! With Morello rocking the guitar, it definitely has a Rage sound to it…and I’m all good with that.

Toni Braxton – “Hands Tied” (R&B)
Check out THIS track from the woman who has the prettiest purr in the business. This song just exudes sexiness and Braxton’s husky vocals just make me swoon.

Gogol Bordello – “Ultimate” (Ummm…dunno)
A friend of mine recommended this band and it’s different and interesting. Kind of gypsy-dance music from New York, although much of the band is immigrants from Eastern Europe (according to Wikipedia). I hear they have an incredible live show. Anyway…this is definitely eclectic!

The Broken Bells – “The High Road” (alternative)
What do you get when you mix The Shins & Gnarls Barkley? Well…apparently The Broken Bells.  And what a great combo it turns out to be! With Danger Mouse and Shins lead singer James Mercer, this track from the upcoming release is hopefully an ear of things to come. Excellent music here folks!

Janelle Monae – “Tightrope” (Dance/R&B)
Oh yeah…now THIS is funky! Why is it this woman can’t get on the radio? Seriously, all you Gaga fans out there, Janelle is where the music is. This track is excellent and her other release, “Cold War”, is pretty damn good also. Looking forward to her new album coming out here at some point!

The 69 Eyes – “Hunger” (goth rock)
With their odd vampire fascination and a rockin’ 80’s guitar, this song is straight from the movie “The Lost Boys”. I love this album and this track is the highlight! Love it and it’s the slowest song on the disk.

Rihanna – “Photographs” (R&B)
After seeing Rihanna in concert, my opinion of her has changed. Now I think she is as talented as any pop songstress out there. This song should get some airplay eventually. You can bet on it!

Tiesto (feat. Tegan & Sara) – “Feel It In My Bones” (electronica)
What a great track. Makes me wanna dance around and shake my ass. Having T&S doing techno is a GENIUS! Makes this song stand out in a long line of average tunes in this realm.

Nneka – “The Uncomfortable Truth” (Soul)
What an amazing voice! Love this new artist. I also downloaded “Kangpe”. Both are excellent!

CLASSIC OLDIE OF THE WEEK:  Sisters Of Mercy – “Lucretia My Reflection”
Because I’ve been in THAT kind of mood, I went back and listened to this awesome track from one of the bands that was known to influence bans such as The 69 Eyes. This track just grabs hold of me and won’t let me go. And clocking in at just under 9 minutes, you get a great, long track for a buck!


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