American Idol 2010: The Top 24 & Who Will Win This Season (If You Care)

So my friend Jill over at “This Song Is My Life” has already written about her love/hate relationship with the Idol and one of the guy contestants from this season (ya gotta go read to find out who), so I won’t go there. Instead I’m just gonna go straight ahead and tell you this…this seems like a pretty weak field. The producers of the show have hidden it well through the early weeks with the goofballs and the long vignettes on each performer, but overall…I’m not impressed. Who AM I impressed with? Well…let’s just take a look at the 24 contestants and I can tell you who will make the Top 12, who SHOULD make the Final Four and who should be YOUR next…American Idol!


Paige Miles
She has the pipes…just not the star quality. And she’s somewhat forgettable. Wonder if America will forget about her earlier or later?

Ashley Rodriguez
This chick has superstar written all over her…just don’t know if it’s as a singer or not. She has a great voice, but her looks almost overshadow her performances. If she doesn’t win, she definitely will be modeling somewhere after the American Idol tour this summer.

Rodriguez is smokin’ hot…AND she can sing!

Janell Wheeler
This blonde looker has the All-American touch but doesn’t have the voice to back it up. I predict, if she can calm down a bit and reign in her vocals, she will make the Top 12, but she shouldn’t.

Lilly Scott
This silver-haired siren is the dark horse of the bunch. I think she is very talented and could win this whole thing providing she can sing country or metal or whatever hell else the producers throw at her. Not a traditional singer for AI, but probably one of its better ones this season. I predict Top 12.

Katelyn Epperly
Only 19 and very much what America likes. So much, in fact, that she dressed up in the same getup that Olivia Newton-John had on at the end of “Grease” for her first performance live this week. She has potential but she needs to get rid of the nerves.

Haeley Vaughn
The judges really like her, but I think she needs a little more seasoning before she gets to the Top 12. I’m thinking an early exit.

Lacey Brown
Rejected from last season, this crazy-haired redhead managed to sneak in and sounded AWFUL in her first performance of “Landslide”. I think she’s a goner and if not after the first round, then very soon.

Michelle Delamor
Beautiful and a good voice, but nothing really sets her from the pack vocally. Her good looks will get her by until she needs to do something to get ahead of the anyone else and then? I wonder if she can get show us what she really has behind those sexy lips…

Didi Benami
I don’t know about this girl. She seems to have potential but she almost seems to be a one-trick pony. Her thing is the songwriter/guitar thing and when it comes to rockin’, she ain’t knockin’. Plus she’s a nervous nelly who is prone to crying on cue. Throw her in with the Jason Castro crowd and consider her a lock for Top 12.

Siobhan Magnus
Here’s the one who can really show me something. She got no props in the earlier episodes but what I saw of her I was impressed with. Her version of “Wicked Game” wowed the judges but I wasn’t blown away. That being said, I think she has mad skills and could be a serious contender. But I gotta see more of her.

Crystal Bowersox
I’m sorry, but so far, she is far and away one of my favorite contestants. She’s a natural on-stage and I can only hope that America sees her for who she is, not for what they want her to be. I think she comes across almost too hippy, Janis Joplin-like. But her style, her refreshing demeanor and the fact that she DOESN’T really belong here makes her my favorite among the ladies. Top 12 all the way!

Bowersox rocks MY socks!

Katie Stevens
I don’t know why, but for some reason Katie strikes me as the bitchy rich girl at your local high school. I’m waiting for that feeling to change, but I can say this…she has great vocals and is almost TOO perfect. Oddly enough, the judges didn’t seem to like her performance the first live night. But I thought she hit every note of “Feelin’ Good”. It was almost too karaoke. And she’s gonna need to be better than that to be in contention.


Todrick Hall
This guy is a natural performer…but is he a natural singer? He has the look and the moves, but his vocals are still sketchy. We shall see, but I pick him in the Top 12.

Kid in the Hall

Aaron Kelly
The youngest singer in the group, and the one that is gonna strike gold with his good looks and his country-tinged vocals. Top 12 easily until mom & dad take away the cell phones.

Jermaine Sellers
Silky smooth. Almost TOO smooth. He’s got decent pipes but I wasn’t blown away by his stage presence. That will hurt him later.

Tim Urban
Originally he didn’t make the cut. Aaaand there’s a reason for that. He has cute boy band potential but not a lot going on vocally. I’m not sure what the producers were thinking but he ain’t going very far…

Joe Munoz
Reminds me of David Archeletta in a lot of ways (including looks). Technically he sounds good and he has decent stage presence but the verdict is still out on him but I don’t think he’s gonna go too far with this field.

Tyler Grady
The Mick Jagger/Jim Morrison wannabe got a slap in the face from the judges on his opening round performance and they are right to some degree. He doesn’t want to get to carried away and become a caricature, but he DOES have a good voice and he can handle the stage so I think he’ll make the Top 12.

Lee Dewyze
With his average looks and his average performing style, I predict a quick out for this guy. No one will remember him tomorrow, even if Simon did take his side and call him the performance of the night at that point. Eddie Vedder he ain’t.

John Parker
He might have ability, but with his opening night performance, we couldn’t really tell. The lone Asian-American in the group, he might get some votes, but he needs to work on song choice and stage presence.

Michael Lynche
Everyone LOVES Big Mike and he can definitely bring it. And with the story surrounding him coming to Hollywood week as his wife was giving birth to their first child, I’m thinking he could milk THAT story for at least the Top 12. But in all honesty, he DOES belong there. He’s got good vocals and a lot of charisma!

Big Mike can rock the mic!

Alex Lambert
This poor kid has a good voice but is scared to death. But he’s cute and girls will like him. Ellen compared him to an unripened banana…and I agree. He’s got potential but can he shake his nerves? We shall see…

Casey James
Kara’s love interest. He’s got a great voice. He’s got a great vibe. He’s good looking. Top 12 easy and he’s got HUGE finale potential.

Andrew Garcia
Mad skills with the vocals & the guitar. The judges love him for his reworking of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” in the Hollywood rounds. I think he could also be finale bound. Top 12 easy.

So there ya have it. The Top 24. So…who gets booted after Round 1? I predict Haeley Vaughn & Lacey Brown from the girls, Tim Urban & Lee Dewyze from the guys.

And MY choice for the Final Four? Garcia, James, Scott & Bowersox.

Who WILL be in the Final Four (probably): Garcia, James, Kelly & the lone woman, Bowersox. But I could be wrong with Bowersox. Big Mike might sneak in there.

And the winner will be…? Wow…it’s so early but I’m thinking Casey James has the star potential. But it will be a showdown between he and Garcia. The chicks ALWAYS vote more and James is perfect for this show. He’s like a male Carrie Underwood. So go place your bets now folks! Casey James WILL be your next American Idol!

King James


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  1. Casey James?! Really??? I mean, he grew on me tonight, in the sense that now I can almost see him going the way of Jason Castro (best case scenario). But I guess there’s the (tiny, infinitesimal) possibility of Kris Allen-like success if he keeps the song arrangements interesting. Right now Andrew Garcia and Crystal BOW-ER-SOX(!) seem to be the front runners, even though they were both kind of “meh” this week. I thought Andrew’s version of the Fall Out Boy song would be interesting, but it turned out to be pretty awkward.

    I give the “WTF Moment of the Week” award to Lilly Scott (or as she’s known ’round here, “Chrome”) just for picking “Fixing a Hole.” Never thought I’d hear that song coming out of a TV, let alone on Idol…

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