A Letter To Christina

Dear Christina Aguilera,

For the last 11 months I have been screening all kinds of comments from Lady Gaga lovers about how I have misinterpreted her and her music and how it she is the hottest new artist to hit the scene in decades. Quite honestly, I’m tired of hearing about her. I wrote the original post way back in March of 2009, and since then it has been nothing but a barrage of people telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. They say I hate pop music and that I am close-minded. Most of those who respond to the post don’t even bother to read it…but whatever. I’m just tired of hearing about it. When I go to read my email every day and there are 4 or 5 comments from Gaga fans defending her product, it just wears me out. So here is what I am writing to ask you…

I hear you have an album coming out in 2010 (“Light & Darkness”…due out in March). I realize that you have been busy having babies and all and that you are going to be a little rusty upon your return, but could you do me a favor and make this next album of yours so freaking awesome that it buries Gaga’s crappy songs off Top 40 radio and once again returns the airwaves to a place for even the most defiant pop haters to want to come back and listen?

Now that might SOUND a little harsh, but I’m sick and tired of hearing the same 4 songs on the radio everytime I turn it on. Granted, it’s not Gaga’s fault that the only thing that the radio conglomerates want to play are 3 of her latest tracks and then a Jay Z song, possibly a Beyonce song and whatever Rihanna song is hot today, but I’m still sick and tired of it. And here’s the deal…YOU have the chops and the rhythm to put all of this crap to shame.

Oh sure…you’ve gone through your sexual identity crisis and you’ve gone back and expiremented with bebop and 50’s pop and what not, but you and I know that when it gets right down to it…you’re the real deal. You don’t need electronics and generic beats to highlight your amazing voice. You have got it going on and you seem to have your head on straight. You married an upstanding guy. You are a good mother (as far as we know) and you are a beautiful person. People respect you. The industry respects you and your fans are all waiting with baited breath for your new songs to be released. I don’t know that I’m holding my breath, but I sure as hell can’t wait to hear what you have to offer considering how bad pop music is right now.

So this is a plea…froma 40-year old pop fan…PLEASE make this new album of yours fucking awesome because, quite frankly, I am about to give up on pop music altogether. I have seen the possible future and it looks very bleak. Only YOU can save it! So…no pressure or anything…but please don’t let it suck.

That is all.

Thanks & looking forward to your new album,




  1. Christina is one if the best talents out there, and I would (like you) love to hear something in the radio from some one I can recognize…And NOT rhianna! I think That there is a double standard in regards to ‘gaga and xtina, its like the music industry is riding the gaga cow and thanks to that she has friends in high places~to the point where she gets one billion YouTube views, that’s more that Michael Jacksons channel! some one obviously paid a group if people or even YouTube rather, to get those views! I swear. And back to the double standard..example:if xtina wrote “the fame” and sung it-she would have been panned by all the critics, they would have said she was lazy, and had degraded Her own talent! she would have probably been branded a sellout by most her fans and others in general and not givin’ any respect at all!(I think that most every one on t.v are getting paid big bucks by the music industry to say common stuff like”gaga is original and talented you know…” when they know that s**t ain’t true!). and if she wore all those costrumes claimed she made them up her self and stole jerrys box, she would be probably really hated, the most hate singer of the 2000’s…that right, Ladies and gentlemen if YOU hold Chris to most of gaga’ standards you will instantly know that Chris is better than her. DOUBLE STANDARD. SET BY THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ITS SELF, INCLUDING PAYOFFS FOR PEOPLE TO PRAISE GAGA AND NOT BE TOTALLY EXPOSED AS A FRAUD BY DATELINE NBC.

  2. * Oh and one more point: if xtina did all that stuff gaga is doing she would have been compared to lindsy lohan and britney spears for the most part! Speaking in hypothetical manner of course! 😀

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