Hello & Welcome!

If you know me, you know I love music. ALL kinds of music! From pop to rock, trance to country. You name it, I probably listen to it. And if I like it, I like to talk about it. Which brings me to my new blog site. My name is Alan. Originally, I wrote about my love for music at “A Round World Through Square Glasses“, but since a majority of what I was writing about was music and movies, I have since split those interests into 2 separate sites. So now you can read my thoughts on new music here and my reviews of movies at “Popcorn And A Soda“! Hopefully you will find my thoughts interesting enough and visit often. What you will get from this site:

  • My Music Reviews
  • Playlists & Mixes
  • My thoughts on artists & bands
  • And, from my original blog, a continuation ofย  the series “Tunes From ITunes”

Enjoy and please feel free to comment or let me know about new artists, bands or songs that you hear. I am always looking for something to blow my speakers up!




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